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When Darlene and Ben babysit baby Bev, Ben falls in love and Darlene realizes he wants a child but Darlene says she doesn’t want to go back the beginning. 


Despite all of Darlene’s reservations, Ben is certain that having a kid will turn out great because they’ll be doing it together. Darlene says that David told her the same thing. Ben reminds her that he’s made of stronger stuff than David and they Darlene cheated on him and he’s still with her. That affects Darlene and she agrees to think about having another child. 


When Jackie pushes her cook to work faster, he ends up cutting himself badly and has to be rushed to the hospital, leaving The Lunch Box without a a chef just before their grand opening. Dwight, who was once a chef at Applebee’s, steps up to cook. 


Jackie gets Dwight freaked out, saying if he fails then she, Becky, and the baby will be sleeping on the street. Dwight ends up having a panic attack and risks the Grand Opening being a disaster.


Jackie uses her form life coach skills to get Dwight back on track, which may or may not have involved a topless incident. The Lunch Box makes over $11,000 it’s first day. 


Dan reads that his father, Ed, has died in the local newspaper. Ed left Dan and his mom when Dan was young, then started a second family and Dan and his kids hadn’t seen him in 20 years. 


Ed’s other son, Ed Jr., finds Dan to tell him off. Ed Senior told him that Dan didn’t care about any of them. Later, Dan give Ed Jr several letters he wrote to Ed which had Return to Sender written on them in Ed Sr’s handwriting. 


Ed Jr. goes to The Lunch Box with Dan, where Harris hits on him before realizing that he’s her great uncle. 

The Conners
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The Conners Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Ben: I see that you’re one of those Obituary guys, huh?
Dan: Yeah, I always read them hoping somebody died that I owed money to. Just once I’d like to see a credit card company here.

I don’t know how to cook for a whole restaurant unless you want me to breastfeed the entire crowd.