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Dan tells his poker buddies that he has a date with Louise and they joke about he and Louise having sex for the first time. Dan is considering not bringing his CPAP mask to her place even though without it he could stop breathing in the middle of the night. 


While asleep with Louise, Dan wakes up when he can’t breathe. He tries to leave but Louise won’t let him go. Then he tries to come up with a make-shift CPAT machine with a fan but it doesn’t work. 


The next day, Dan brings his the CPAP and Louise brings out her mouth guard and facial mask. The two laugh about being together and getting older. 


Darlene is arrested after refusing to sign a ticket after getting caught texting at a STOP sign and then insulting the police officer. She asks Ben to watch Mark for the night.


Mark and his friend, Harper, work on an Earth Day Science Fair project, a solar hot dog cooker. Mark asks if Harper can stay over. Since Mark is gay, and Harper said her mother said it was okay, Ben agrees. With Harris at Odessa’s, Harper takes her bed in the room she shares with Mark. 


The next day, Darlene gets out of jail and gets a phone call from Harper’s mother that Harper has a hickey. So does Ben. Harper has a new boyfriend and wanted to practice kissing with Mark. Darlene is angry with Ben for letting this happen. 


Ben is upset. He wants to know what his role is in Darlene’s life. She doesn’t want to get married, they don’t live together, but they want to have a baby with him and he still doesn’t know where he stands. He packs up what little he has in a box and prepares to leave. 


Darlene stops Ben and tells him she’s screwed up and scared that if they move forward and it doesn’t work it, it means she’s failed again. Ben says he knows she’s screwed up and if they don’t work it he’ll agree it was his failure and not hers. Darlene says she wants them to live together. 


Becky is considering marrying Emilio so that she has him to help with the baby but it means pretending they’re married for at least two years which means if she finds someone she really loves, she won’t be able to do anything about it. 


Dan gets a notice that the bank is planning to foreclose on the house. When he couldn’t pay the medical bills and truck needed work, he took out a second mortgage but he can’t make ends meet. He’s determined to find a way to keep his house.

The Conners
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The Conners Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

I figured since hot dogs are our family’s main source of food and we regularly have the power turned off that this would be worth learning.


Ed: What’s a CPAP mask?
Dan: It’s a mask attached to a hose that forces air down my throat so I don’t stop breathing in the middle of the night.
Ed: So you look like Tom Cruise in Top Gun if he was an old man who couldn’t breathe on his own.