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Dan tells Louise that he’s ready for a relationship but she tells him that it’s too late and she’s moved on. Then he gets drunk in the bar and meets her new boyfriend, the keyboard player, Zack. Dan asks Zack to tell Louise that he loves her. 


When Dan gets home the next day, Jackie tells him that if he’s really ready for a relationship with someone new that he needs to take off his wedding ring. Dan is reluctant but Jackie tells him that taking the ring off won’t erase his memories of Roseanne. 


Later, Louise drives over 200 miles to see Dan and yell at him for telling Zack that he loves her instead of telling her that he loves her. She notices that Dan took off his wedding ring. The two talk and Dan kisses Louise. 


Darlene finds Ben watching TV with Becky and the baby in the living room in the middle of the night. Beverly Rose was teething and Ben says he couldn’t sleep because Darlene was snoring. Darlene seems jealous at the fun the two seem to be having. 


Darlene has a doctor’s appointment the next day but tells Ben to make sure not to miss their meeting with a new advertiser. 


When there’s no hot water in the house and Becky is desperate for a hot shower because Beverly Rose threw up in her hair, Ben tries to fix the hot water heater. It takes longer than expected and he misses the meeting. 


Darlene is furious. She accuses Becky of trying to steal Ben and accuses Ben of wanting Becky because she can have a baby. Ben calms Darlene down and learns that the doctor says Darlene has scarring on one of her Fallopian tubes which could make it very difficult to become pregnant. They decide to just keep trying and Darlene makes Becky waffles for breakfast as an apology. 


The Conners
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The Conners Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Waitress: Maybe you should call your wife so she can pick you up.
Dan: I’m just staying at the hotel next door and my wife’s dead.
Waitress: You didn’t kill her, did you?
Dan: No.
Waitress: I’m sorry. We’re right off the expressway, we’ve got to ask.

This is why we’re not getting pregnant, because your sperm is too stupid to find my egg.