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It’s Dan’s birthday and Darlene and DJ  both forget because Roseanne always gave them a heads up. Becky can’t afford anything but gets Dan a beer cozy with baby Bev’s picture taped to it. 


Dan is depressed about the family forgetting his birthday. He says that all he has is his family and if they forget him, no one will remember him once he’s gone. Becky agree to pick up the mantle of reminding the family about Dan’s birthday each year. 


Ben gets fired and the company offers Darlene his job at half the pay. When Darlene asks for more money, she gets fired. They both end up drowning their sorrow at a local bar, and then end up in bed together. When they sober up, they decide to get back together. 


Jackie makes Louise feel uncomfortable when she brings sandwiches to Dan while he’s renovating the Lunch Box. As a result, Louise refuses to come to the Conners “Santa on Santa” event, where they all dress up like Santa and sit on Santa’s lap. Dan, in turn, tells Jackie she won’t be invited to certain events if she can’t get along with Louise.


Jackie heads to Casita Bonita and comes to a truce with Louise. They both attend Santa on Santa, along with Dan and the rest of the family, except Harris who has still not come home. 

The Conners
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The Conners Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

I get it. You want to be alone but you’re not alone, you’re with everybody she’s ever been with.


Ben: They told me they were sure that you would take the job for half of what I was making.
Darlene: Half? That’s so insulting. I mean, I didn’t think I was going to break the glass ceiling but I’d like to be able to stand on a chair, reach up and touch it.