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Becky and Jackie make a business plan to present to Darlene to convince her to rent them Bev’s building to reopen the Lunch Box but Darlene says no. Most restaurants don’t make it and there’s a national franchise that’s willing to sign a three year contract for the space. 

Jackie and Becky are furious about Darlene’s lack of confidence in them. Becky says that Darlene kept telling her to follow her dreams but now that she has one, it’ Darlene blocking her path. 

Becky decides to move in with Jackie because she doesn’t want the baby around the anger she feels every time she sees Darlene. Dan is heartbroken because he loves spending time with his littlest grandchild. 

Mark is making special Thanksgiving place settings but worries because Jackie and Becky are fighting with Darlene. Dan tells Darlene that he asks for very little but he wants her to fix this so that his whole family is at the table for Thanksgiving. 

Harris and her friend, Odessa, try to ride Dan’s motorcycle but it’s too heavy for them. They drop it in the driveway and break the mirror. Dan is furious. He tells Odessa she’s no longer welcomed at the house and he tells Harris that she needs to pay for the mirror. 

Darlene backs up Dan’s rules, so Harris simply lies to both of them and heads out to meet Odessa. 


The Conners
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The Conners Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Well I was looking forward to crushing Bev in court and having her committed but I’m intrigued by the binder.


Mark: There’s more millionaires than ever.
Darlene: Oh, and if you apply yourself you can be one too.
Mark: Really?
Darlene: No, those days are over.