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Becky brings Wyatt, her new boyfriend, to Sunday family football day at the Conners. It’s a Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers game and the Conners are lifelong Bears fans. Everyone is shocked when Wyatt shows up wearing a cheesehead hat, a sign he’s a Packer’s fan.

Wyatt is also a devout Christian and is shocked as the Conners cheer when a Packers player is injured during the game.

Later, Wyatt tells Becky he’s sorry she has such a toxic family and it doesn’t surprise him that she’s an alcoholic. Becky says he doesn’t understand anything about her family after spending so little time with them and she kicks him out of his own vehicle. 

Becky laments to Dan that she was attracted to Wyatt because he was stable. Now that she’s sober and has Beverly Rose, she feels the pressure to find someone. Dan reminds her that she’s been sober for all of a minute and that if she stops looking so hard she’ll find someone when it’s right. 

Jackie starts betting on online fantasy football.  

Harris shows up for free food and to do her laundry but she still lives with Odessa. The next day she comes back for the football game. 

Mark worries that Dan won't love him once he tells him he's not into football. Dan says he'll always love him but this isn't like being gay; football is a choice.

Ben has moved to Lanford so he an Darlene can start a magazine but he hasn’t gotten out of bed in a week. Darlene drags him to a meeting with a loan officer. They’re trying to get a loan for their start up but Ben’s defeatist attitude isn’t helping. 

Later, he apologizes and Ben admits that he’s terrified of failing because now it’s not just him who is affected but Darlene and her kids. Darlene tells him that her kids eat failure for breakfast and if Ben wants to hang back, look pretty and let her use his good credit score to get this loan, then she’ll start the magazine solo, but Ben pulls it together and the two are back on the same page. 

The Conners
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The Conners Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Mark: Are you gambling?
Jackie: Yup. Fantasy football, I’m taking money from a bunch of suckers.
Darlene: Oh, so it’s like a mega-church.

Dan: Tomorrow’s Sunday so I want everyone dressed appropriately so we can pay our respects to the one thing that helps us make sense of this world and gives us the strength to make it through another week.
Everyone: Amen.
Harris: We’re going to church?
Jackie: Come on, Harris, on a Sunday? We’re watching the Bears / Packers game!