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Mark studies online with virtual learning. Becky points out a boy in the class Mark likes.

Darlene mentions a surprise for Harris' birthday, but Becky informs her shedidn'tknow it was her birthday.

Making a cake that Harris will hate for her birthday, Ben takes a call form his mom in Florida who informs him his dad just died while playing golf..

Emelio "babysits" Beverly Rose.

Becky and Emelio compare sories of bad dates they've had.

They decide to watch the basketball game together.

Becky makes "secret microwave popcorn" for them leading Emelio to believe she might finally be liking him back, romantically,

Ben's mom, Barb, arrives to stay with the Conners for a bit and she rubs the family the wrong way.

At The Lunch Box, Jackie convinces Emelio to make a move on Becky.

Over drinks at the house, Barb confides in Darlene that Ben's father is not his real father; she had had a fling and promised her bushand she'd never tell, as he was humiliated.

Later, in talking with Jackie, Darlene decides to keep the secret from Ben, still.

Becky and Emelio watch a creepy documentary, and Emelio tries to hold Becky's hand, which weirds Becky out. Emelio tries to convince Becky they should be dating, but Becky likes hanging out with him as a friend.

Emelio leaves, warning that once he goes back to dating, he will be snatched up quick.

After, Ben tells Darlene Barb left them a note saying she was going back to Florida. The note also admits Barb told Darlene upsetting news, forcing Ben to ask Darlene what the news is.

But before Darlene tells her, Barb comes back, thinking the secret was already divulged.

But Barb then explains. She tells Ben his real dad is deceased and how her husband took his anger towards her out on Ben growing up.

The Conners
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The Conners Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Ben: He was always so mad at me for something and I just felt like I was a disappointment to him.
Darlene: Oh. Yeah, but I'm sure at some point he stopped expecting to be proud of you. Aw, I'm sorry, I'm not good at comforting.

Becky: Is that blonde boy Henry, the one you think is cute?
Mark: Thanks for that. I wasn't muted, so I guess the next move is Henry's!