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Harris hasn't heard anything from Josh in a couple of weeks, and he never got her a birthday present. 
Becky knows that Josh is ghosting Harris and tells her. Harris feels like she's nothing she can do about it, but Becky encourages her not to let Josh disrespect her like this. They both head to Josh's house, but he won't open the door. 
When Becky tries to destroy his mailbox but can't because it is encased in stone and concrete, Josh finally emerges. He says he wasn't that into Harris and thought ghosting her was better than telling her and hurting her feelings. Harris tells him off, saying he wasn't man enough to face her. 
Harris says she feels better and doesn't. Breaking up is still lousy. Becky says there were plenty of times she should have told a guy off and didn't. 
Dan worries that the constant talk of Covid will have an adverse effect on Mark, but Darlene disagrees. Mark loves having information, can get most of it on his phone, and she feels he won't trust her if she lies to him.
When Mark starts coming down with symptoms, including an intense stomach ache, Darlene brings him to urgent care. He tests negative for Covid, but Darlene later learns that Mark has had stomach aches for weeks. The doctor thinks it's stress and anxiety brought on by the pandemic. 
When Darlene talks to Mark, she learns he's only been talking to her about Covid because he thought getting her to talk about it would help her anxiety. Darlene admits that she thought talking about it with him was helping him cope. They decide to try and talk about more positive subjects from here on out. 
Jackie visits Roseanne's grave and finds the headstone next to hers is Paul Remschlotter's. He and Roseanne has constant neighbor disputes. Now his headstone reads, "I can't believe they stuck me next to this bitch."
Jackie tries to get the cemetery to move Paul, but they refuse. They think the headstone is a funny joke, but Jackie feels she has to protect her sister. 
In the end, Jackie gets the cemetery to move Roseanne's gravesite. Jackie plans for her mother to be buried next to Paul. 
Dan gets certified pre-owned hearing aids, and now he can hear again.  
The Conners
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The Conners Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Becky: Dad, I need to talk to you about Josh, that rich kid that Harris is in love with.
Mark: Oh, I like him. He gives me cash to leave the room so they can makeout.
Dan: Invest that wisely; that’s your college fund.

Can we just enjoy sitting down to one meal without talking about Covid. There’s plenty of other tragic events for you two to find hilarious. Homicides are up everywhere. Enjoy.