Dan brings home Lollipop, an elderly Pug with one eye that was left at Neville’s clinic. He’s 11 and can’t walk due to seizures. Neville is paying Dan $100 a week, and Dan needs the money since he quit the hardware store.

Darlene tries to convince Ben to come home, but he doesn’t want to be in Darlene’s childhood bedroom anymore. He wants them to find a place together.

Molly Tilden is back in Lanford visiting her parents. As teenagers, she and Darlene were friends until they fought over David. Now, Jackie calls Darlene because she thinks Molly is at the hardware store flirting with Ben.

Darlene confronts Molly, who was only being friendly, not flirting. Molly, who has been divorced twice, convinces Darlene to go out and have some fun. The two spend a night out at a German Biergarten. Darlene decides to take Molly’s advice to stop worrying about her relationship with Ben because the worry doesn’t help.

Ben and Dan finally talk, and Ben agrees to give Dan 10% of this business. But Ben still won’t move back home. He says with the additional income, Dan should be able to afford the mortgage on his own in six months, and then he wants Darlene and him to find their own place.

Molly, whose ex pays her credit card bills, offers Darlene a girls trip to Hawaii. Darlene says she’ll consider it.

Becky decides to take classes at the community college and start working towards her degree so she can eventually give Beverly Rose a better life. But she’s been working double shifts to afford the classes and hasn’t been able to spend much time with Beverly Rose, who is with Emilio much of the time.

When Emilio and his cousin, Lupe, try to drop Beverly Rose off with Becky, the child cries and wants to go back with Lupe. Becky is heartbroken. She has Emilio take Beverly Rose back home. Becky ends up at the laundromat drinking vodka.

The Conners
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The Conners Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Molly: What are you doing now? Last I remember, you were working at the Lunch Box.
Jackie: Still am.
Molly: Oh, are you married?
Jackie: Nope.
Molly: Do you still have that mom you were always fighting with?
Jackie: Let’s cut to the chase. Nothing’s changed. 27 years. Zippo.

When I was having dinner with Mickey, I was so impressed by the me I made up for him, I want to be just like her.