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Mike Withers, Becky’s friend from high school, is in town. They were always in competition for the best grades. Now, he’s a civil engineer with his own firm. Over dinner, Becky pretends to be successful too, saying she went to grad school in Europe and was able to pay off her father’s home so he could retire. When Mike pours some expensive wine, Becky drinks a glass.
Later, Becky tells Darlene about the dinner and that she drank a glass of wine. Darlene is considered, but Becky says she doesn’t plan on having any more and begs her not to tell Dan. 
Dan is bringing in lots of business from Lanford contractors to Ben’s hardware store. Darlene suggests he ask for a raise. Instead, Dan tells Ben he wants to be a partner and own 25% of the business. Ben is shocked, turns him down, and the two fight.
Ben tells Darlene that the store was the one thing he shared with his father. His father fought hard to keep it in the family, and Ben feels like if he gives Dan a piece of it, he’ll be disappointing his Dad.
Darlene shares this with Dan, who says he doesn’t care if Ben has Daddy issues. Dan thinks the hardware store is his last shot at making money, and he wants enough to pay his bills and allow Louise to quit serving drinks at the restaurant. 
Ben is furious that Darlene shared their private conversation with Dan. Dan refuses to come into the store again until he gets what he thinks he’s owed. Ben tells him if he doesn’t come to work, he’s fired. Dan kicks Ben out of the house.
Darlene begs Ben not to go. Ben thinks if he and Darlene pull their money, they can get a small apartment. Darlene says that if she leaves her father now, he’ll likely lose the house. For the time being, Ben moves into the hardware store, leaving Darlene behind. 
The Conners
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The Conners Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

I will see you before midnight. That’s when my magic carriage turns into a pickup with expired tags.


Successful people like being around failures. Think about how you feel being around DJ.