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Dan gets fired from a construction job because he couldn't hear the forklift backing up towards him. He probably needs hearing aids, but he can't afford them.  
Ben puts his podcast on hold to help take over his late father's hardware store, which he knows little about. Dan agrees to help as he could use a new job. 
Dan enjoys the hardware store more than he expected, and the customers love him because he's so knowledgeable, but Ben becomes jealous. Later, Ben orders Dan to move supplies from the alley behind the store and then insults him when he doesn't head there quickly. Dan gets angry and quits. 
At home, Dan confides in Jackie that another contractor heard what happened with the forklift and fired him because he's a liability. Dan says he can't physically handle drywall jobs any longer as he's in too much pain afterward.
Ben and Dan both apologize, and Dan decides to go back to work at the store.
Robyn surprises Darlene during an online board meeting by asking her to present her ideas to the board. In the middle of her presentation, Darlene has a panic attack. 
When Darlene gets a gift card from work for a spa treatment, she once again has a panic attack. She sees a therapist and realizes that she feels like a failure and a fraud. She doesn't feel like she belongs as a manager and fears this is her last chance to help her family. The therapist tells her she has to change the narrative in her head and begin telling herself she's a success and not a failure. He also prescribes her anti-anxiety medication.
Mark helps Jackie color her hair to take out the gray. 
The Conners
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The Conners Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Louise: Come, on Dan. You’re just going to sit around the house, drink beer, and fall asleep in your underwear.
Dan: Well, that was the plan.

Louise: I could whip you.
Jackie: No way, I was a cop.
Louise: What, did you carry the criminals to jail?