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Becky was recently made a Union Rep, and Darlene is now promoted to Line Supervisor. When everyone celebrates that night, Ben is obviously depressed and gets drunk. 

The next day he quits his job at Instacart and buys $400 worth of audio equipment to do a podcast, “Whatever Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Hungry.”

Darlene is upset that Ben isn’t happier for her and that he quit his job without discussing it first. Robin, her boss, says her first two husbands couldn’t handle it when her career started to take off. She says she tells a lot of white lies to her third husband and supports all of his crazy ideas.

Darlene goes home and tells Ben why she’s upset. Ben admits he should have talked to her first, but he needs to feel like he’s doing something worthwhile. He wants to put all of his efforts into this podcast because he believes it will pay off. Darlene agrees to support him but jokes that she’ll be coming home grumpy five days a week. Ben says that’s two less than he deals with now.

At the factory, Darlene has to announce the new policy that sick time will now be considered vacation time. Becky says if the company goes ahead with the new policy that she’ll organize a strike.

Neville and Jackie drink psychoactive herbal tea as Jackie hopes it will help her deal with her self esteem issues and depression. When Jackie is high and throwing up, Louise helps her see that she can choose to believe in herself and that she deserves to be loved. Afterward, Jackie tells Neville she’s ready for him to be a part of her life.

The Conners
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The Conners Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Becky: Congratulations! You may be surprised to hear this, but I’m a little bummed. We’ve been having fun working together.
Darlene: I’m still going to be on the floor, but now I can make your life miserable if you displease me.
Becky: Right, and as Union Steward, one misstep on your part, and I can shut down the factory.
Darlene: See, this is going to be fun for everybody.

Get right with your maker, Folks. It’s clearly the end of days.