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Wellman Plastics is making supervised, random drug testing mandatory. Robin decides to quit before taking the test. Becky asks her if it is because she’s an addict and offers to help. But Robin confides that she is trans. Her family and friends know, but there’s no reason everyone at work needs to know, and she won’t put herself through that. 
Becky leads a protest to stop the drug testing at work. Everyone walks off the line and gathers in the bathroom because they don’t want strangers watching them pee in a cup. They come up with a compromise. Becky agrees to be the company monitor, and everyone is comfortable with that. Robin decides to stay. 
Later, with Darlene, Becky says she doesn’t actually plan to watch anyone, simply say she does. Darlene is relieved as she and Ben just got high together. 
Louise is overwhelmed by the number of people living in the house and moves back home, despite Dan’s dismay. 
As they watch the protests in Chicago on TV, Darlene points out that Harris only complains but isn’t out there protesting, so Harris decides to do just that. But then Harris skips work to stay with the protests, can’t pay her share of the rent, and risks losing her job. 
Dan tells Darlene he needs Harris’ part of the rent money to pay the mortgage. Darlene offers to pay Harris’ portion but realizes she doesn’t have it. Darlene finds Harris at the protest and tells her they need her to come back home. Harris is furious. Darlene says they are too poor to quit their jobs to try and make a difference in the world.
Harris arrives back home, still angry, and throws her rent check at Dan, saying he should feel embarrassed to ask her for rent. As Harris and Darlene fight, Dan blows up. He says he is ashamed, mostly because he didn’t do as Roseanne said and get life insurance on himself, then he could throw himself off a roof, and everyone else would be okay. 
Dan’s words shock Harris, and she apologizes. Later, Louise comes back to spend the night with Dan, who is thrilled to see her. 
The Conners
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The Conners Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Harris: Look at that wall of moms out there protecting their kids at the front of the protest line. I mean, they’re out there taking beanbag rounds to the face and you won’t even get up to get me a soda.
Darlene: That’s because their kids are out there protesting not leading the Occupy the Couch and Bitch movement.

Becky [to Beverly Rose]: Look, honey, it’s the horrible woman that docks my pay when I see you.
Robin: Hi Cutie. Make better choices than Mommy.