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Dan fixed up the trailer for him and Louise to take a road trip. Louise says that when she was afraid she was going to die of Covid, she realized she no longer wanted her independence as much and wants to spend more time with Dan.

Dan tells Darlene and Becky he’s considering asking Louise to marry him. They’re thrilled, but Harris thinks Louise will say no. Darlene tells the family she’s planning to propose to Ben. Everyone is happy.

Depressed, Jackie can’t stop watching her episode of Jeopardy! But Chicago Bears fans like that Jackie roasted Aaron Rodgers on TV. Mark helps Jackie put a “Crazy Jackie” video online to promote the Lunch Box. The campaign is a huge success. Neville suggests turning the Lunch Box into a Bears-themed sports bar. Jackie loves the idea but points out she doesn’t have the money for a liquor license or TVs and decor she’d need for such an endeavor.

Neville offers to put up the money to turn the Lunch Box into the sports bar. Becky is thrilled! That means Jackie can hire her back, she can bring Beverly Rose to work, and study for classes during her breaks. Jackie asks why he’s willing to do this. Neville says he believes in her, and he wants to see her succeed, and he’s grown to hate her mother and would love to stick it to Bev. Jackie couldn’t be happier.

Geena has a few days of leave from the Army so she comes home to visit DJ and Mary. When she realizes how much she’s missing with Mary, she decides to retire from the military.

Darlene goes to the hardware store and proposes to Ben. She tells him that finding a way to be together hasn’t always been easy but being apart has been impossible. She loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him.

Ben says he’s sorry but he doesn’t want to marry Darlene. He’s tired of her choosing David, or her Dad’s mortgage, or Hawaii over him. He isn’t sure this is what he wants anymore and he needs some time apart. Darlene goes home but doesn’t tell her family what happened with Ben.

Dan comes in pretending that Louise said no, and Darlene tells him that Ben told her no too. Then Louise comes in to celebrate their engagement. Everyone feels horrible for Darlene, but Dan thinks Ben might be back.

The Conners
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The Conners Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Louise: That was before I had Covid. Turns out that whole independence thing doesn’t seem quite as important when you’re alone and scared you’re going to die. Now I just want to be with you as much as I can.
Dan: Wow. So compared to death I’m looking pretty good.
Louise: You’re looking very good.

Believe me, I saw how underwhelmed he was by my declaration of love and devotion in front of the whole family.