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Darlene hasn’t heard from Ben since he said he was breaking up with her. Darlene puts down a large deposit on an apartment to prove she wants to live with Ben. Ben still isn’t sure and needs some time to think about it.

Ben goes to the factory to tell Darlene he wants to move in with her. He runs into Jeff and finds out that Darlene had asked Jeff to go to Hawaii with her. Ben is furious. He breaks up with Darlene and tells her they are over for good.

Mark is doing a project for school, researching whether genes determine your future over what you think are your personal choices. He calls members of the Conner family from around the country (which are actually fans of the show) and asks them questions about their bad habits. 

Louise encourages Darlene to reach out to a spiritual advisor. The advisor says Darlene is surrounded by a toxic cloud. Her cynicism or skepticism is so strong that she can’t get any light from Darlene. She has no spirituality. No one can get close to her.

Darlene struggles as she’s never believed in God, but she goes home and prays before she goes to bed.

Louise plans her and Dan’s wedding. Dan and Jackie laugh when she wants a $400 cake. When Louise tells Dan she wants a big wedding, he thinks she’s joking, and she gets angry and leaves.

Later, Louise explains that her parents had a quick, courthouse wedding and she wants something more, with the dress and the church and her friends and family. Dan thinks she’ll regret spending the money, but he agrees to the plan.

Jackie is working on changing the Lunch Box into a sports bar.

Becky is at a rehab retreat.

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The Conners Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

It’s always hard when your menopausal kid moves out for the fourth or fifth time.


Dan: The best thing you can do is give him the space he asked for.
Darlene: Oh, yeah, I’m done with that. No good ever came from a man thinking too long.