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Neville is helping out his friend by letting her 14-year-old son, Logan, stay with him. Mark is having trouble making friends at school. So Darlene steps in and tries to have Mark and Logan meet.

At first, Mark is nothing but snarky, but eventually, the two hit it off when they realize they’re both gay. Logan starts hanging out at the Conner house for movie nights. He and Mark ended up kissing in Mark’s room.

Mark talks to Ben about taking things will Logan to the next level. Logan has to move to Oklahoma with his Dad, and Mark doesn’t want Logan to forget him. Ben encourages Mark to talk to Darlene, but he says she wouldn’t understand and she’d ruin everything.

Ben relays this information to Darlene, and the two argue, but Darlene does talk to Mark and really tries to listen and let him make his own decisions. Mark decides to slow things down, much to Darlene’s relief.

Later, Darlene apologizes for blowing up at Ben. She says they can still have fun while they continue to hate one another.

Becky is asked to be a part of a study group in her abnormal psychology class. She’s thrilled and loves the class, but she misses work more than once. She tells Jackie she wants to cut her hours down to part-time. Jackie is upset. She hoped Becky would be her partner, the way Roseanne was, but Becky is finally excited about her future.

Becky later joins a work/study program helping out a Second Chance program for teenagers.

The Conners
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The Conners Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

I have a lot to contribute to abnormal psychology. Everyone in class realized that they were dating someone from one of the chapters. I’m old. I’ve dated like all the chapters.


Darlene: If you wanted to play Daddy, you should have married me.
Ben: Yes, my mistake. I could have had those sweet tones in my ear every morning before I opened the door and ran screaming into traffic.
Darlene: Well, there’s the door. You don’t want to miss rush hour.