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On the season finale of The Defenders...

Nick and Pete take on a case involving a couple accused of killing a yoga teacher.

After ADA Cole reveals a conflict of interest with the clients, Nick and Pete disband the Morelli/Kaczmarek law firm. Nick chooses to defend the husband and Pete decides to defend the wife.

At first, it's for the sake of tactic, but tension and arguments build between the two friends.

Eventually, Nick and Pete reunite to discover that Amanda the vegan killed the yoga teacher. She was upset that he was having an affair with a 3rd woman. The original charges against the couple are dismissed.

Nick and Pete reopen their firm.

The two attend the Las Vegas Legal Fund and sing along with Frank Sinatra Jr.

The Defenders
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The Defenders Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Pretty tense for a yoga studio, huh?


Jessica: Guys! C'mon, is there anything you guys don't argue about? How about the music act?
Nick and Pete: Frank Sinatra Jr.!