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After having an altercation with Judge Max Hunter, Nick and Pete take on a case involving drug trafficking.

Their client, Doug, was seduced by a prostitute and then drove her vehicle back into the United States. Unfortunately it was filled with cocaine.

After learning that Doug’s father hired the hooker, Nick and Pete set up a sting operation to find her.

Nick argues that Doug was duped and had no idea of the drugs. He’s found not guilty of intent to sell drugs.

After celebrating, Nick receives a phone call from Judge Max Hunter who is in need of a lawyer.

The Defenders
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The Defenders Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Email is way too impersonal. You need to text her. But only after you Facebook stalk. You know, see if she commented on the date, or if there is pictures of her with other guys making out.


Pete: She is way too hot for him. Girls that hot don't go for anyone less than an eight.
Nick: What are you talking about? How about a guy with charm, or humor, or girth?