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On this edition of The Defenders...

- At a rap concert, two people are shot dead.

- Nick works out in the gym but sees that he’s not as young as he used to be. He is approached by Bounce, Killa Diz’s manager, to defend him.

- Killa Diz is arrested because of his lyrics, which is believed to be a confession.

- Nick figures out that Rick wasn’t the target but rather it was Candi. Rick was the bystander.

- Nick tries to talk Killa Diz out of working with Bounce but he declines.

- Pete accepts a RICO client who is a computer hacker with no identity.

- After getting caught by the FBI, Pete makes a deal for the real Simon.

- Quinn and his girlfriend are granted immunity for the whereabouts of Simon.

The Defenders
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The Defenders Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Pete: Not sure if that's the most lawyer-y of images, but all right.
Zoe: It's gonna bring in clients.
Nick: You're gonna bring in the hounds!

Let me see that Nick power. Grrr. There you go, c'mon, hit that unspecified gym equipment. Yeah, make it sorry it ever came off of the factory line!