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On this episode of The Defenders:

- Bret, an ex football player becomes violent and it’s captured on video. His wife asks Nick to help defend him.

- Pete’s father, Teddy Kaczmarek, arrives in town only to be arrested for grand theft auto. Teddy says he purchased the car but with another woman who’s upset because he left her.

- Right after, Pete bails his father from jail, the two lawyers meet with the football client. He can’t remember who he fought or why.

- Bret goes crazy and attacks Pete. He doesn’t remember what happened. Nick wants to dig deeper into Bret’s case.

- They decide to go to trial to explain brain damage effected Bret’s outbursts, but he doesn’t want to blame football on his problems. He blames his alcoholism.

- Nick gets Bret to watch Pete lightly rub his wife’s back in order to ignite his anger and show the jury his inability to control himself. The trick works, but the judge threatens them for their actions.

- Teddy tells Nick to move on but as he does, he takes his wedding ring. Luckily Nick remembers and takes it back. He doesn’t put it back on.

- Bret receives a not guilty verdict after arguments about brain damage.

- After a conversation with Nick, Pete purchases the car that his Dad stole to appease the woman. The two take the car for a ride down the Vegas strip.

The Defenders
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The Defenders Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Lisa: Teddy, do you think this all is just revenge. Like she's trying to have you arrested just for breaking it off?
Nick: Women. Some women. Not all women. Cheers, Teddy.

Nick: Pete, he's my pal. Teddy's my pal. I like the guy.
Pete: Sure you like him. Everybody likes him. He's the kinda guy who buys you Cuban Cigars, but here's the thing Nick. He can't afford Cuban Cigars. So if he bought you Cuban Cigars, he did it with my money. Which, technically, makes me your pal. Not him.