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This week...

- Nick and Pete attempt to settle a divorce between Senator Harper and his wife but when they learn of a mistress, all bets are off.

- Things escalate when the senator is accused of murder. He thinks his wife killed her in a jealous rage and so he confesses in order to protect her and his children.

- Luckily, Nick and Pete discover the girl left town and that she was never really killed. Senator Harper is freed.

- On a smaller case, Pete defends a cabana girl of assault and battery.

- Pete learns that she is scamming rich people and he confronts her.

- She decides to listen to Pete but not until after she steals money from the safe in Nick’s office.

The Defenders
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The Defenders Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Pete: Women want you to open doors, pay for dinner, and take charge.
Nick: Pete that is so sexist!

Pete: Look at that. Looks good right?
Nick: Not on your girly skinny fingers. Give me that or I'll go "Ditka" on you.