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Nick is visiting a young guy named Mike who he’s known since he was 12. He has been accused of rape. He tries to take a gun and flee from police before Nick stops him.

Pete has been stuck with jury duty and he tries to hit on the women in the waiting room. The case involves a charge of parental kidnapping. Pete tries to get out of it, but fails.

Nick finds Mike’s alibi, but turns out he’s dead.

In court, Nick questions the credibility of the rape victim’s choice of the men from the lineup.

Pete has taken the foreman position of the jury and tries to convince all of the members to vote guilty. Unfortunately, the girl he was flirting with declines to submit a guilty verdict.

Lisa and Nick return to the scene of the rape to try and figure out what happened. They discover she had accused a student of rape when she was at school.

Lisa learns that the mom didn’t know where Mike was at the time of the rape.

Nick learns that Mike isn’t innocent and tricked him.

Nick puts him on the stand and tries to show the ADA that something is wrong by not objecting or redirecting.

Pete learns that the defendant gave the girl he liked on the jury a car, in order to hang the jury.

Mike is found guilty.

The Defenders
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The Defenders Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Woman: Pull the shoot honey. You just got shot down.
Pete: No, I just got a smile. You missed it.

Police Officer: Hey Morelli. What do you call a defense lawyer holding a gun?
Nick: What?
Police Officer: Justifiable Homicide.
Nick: Hilarious.