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On this week’s episode of The Defenders...

- Pete’s car breaks down on his way to meet a client, but two men with guns show up and offer him a ride.

- Nick decides to take on a client as a favor to ADA Thomas Cole but doesn’t realize the client on death row is a bear named Otis. Plus, the client’s owner is Cole’s sister and Nick seems to like her.

- Pete’s client is a young kid named Cody who was in possession of guns without their serial numbers.

- Pete’s case attracts a lot of attention. Amber Mack of the Nevada Gun Rights Coalition tries to help Pete. They want to finance the case and co counsel. Nick doesn’t want them to help but he decides to bring her on in order to scare the DA into making a deal.

- When Nick visits Linda Cole, he bumps into ADA Cole. There is an awkward interaction after Cole realizes why Nick is at her house.

- Pete gets a deal for 3 years with parole at 18 months. He tries to get Cody to take the deal but he reluctantly declines in order to please his grandfather and fight for his ideals.

- The US attorney wants info from Cody on Dennis clan and in return they will use their political power to get Cody off. Mack is trying to use Cody as a poster child for law worrying about gun control instead of real crime. Grandfather wants Cody to follow his beliefs

- Pete confronts Cody’s grandfather and asks him to set aside his ideals and save his grandson.

- His grandfather takes the stand and admits he put the guns in the truck knowing they had no serial numbers. Cody is upset that his grandfather is telling the truth.

- The grandfather is arrested and Cody’s case is dismissed.

- Finally, Nick is able to save Otis the bear from death and in turn is able to go on a date with Linda, much to the chagrin of ADA Cole.

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The Defenders Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Pete: Wow, this is a lot of guns.
Paul: A lot of freedom.

Hi, Otis. Otis, I'm a lawyer. We lawyers don't taste very good.