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On this week’s episode...

- Zoe asks Nick for a favor to represent Lacy Whitten. She was arrested for defacing the new high-rise building because she was upset over her husband’s death during construction of the building.

- Pete takes on case of a blogger who revealed an illusionist’s magic trick. He tries to get other magicians to reveal the source and testify but they think its original.

- The building company sends over massive amounts of paper work to Nick and Pete. Then they attempt to settle the case but Nick declines. He decides to take them to court.

- The blogger’s source comes to Pete to aid his friend and not let him go to jail.

- The building’s lawyers attempt to show that the husband died because he was upset about his marriage.

- Nick shows the jury that the building company was negligent because of money changing hands. The jury gives Whitten $9 million in damages.

- Pete, Nick, and his son go see a magic show. The Illusionist gives them the bill for the tickets.

The Defenders
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The Defenders Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

That's because all the lawyers you talked to are gutless mama's boys.


Nick: We are donut people, not pastry people. Pastries try too hard and they're expensive. And until some of our clients pay back the money they owe us: Just. Plain. Donuts.