The Deuce Season 1

Getting in Deeper - The Deuce
"My Name Is Ruby"

On The Deuce Season 1 Episode 8, expansion fever hits Frankie and Bobby, but Vincent balks at getting in deeper with Rudy on the season finale.

The End of the Pimp - The Deuce
"Au Reservoir"

On The Deuce SEason 1 Episode 7, Lori struggles with the demands of porn acting, while C.C., Larry and Rodney worry that pimps are becoming obsolete.

A Crackdown - The Deuce
"Why Me?"

On The Deuce Season 1 Episode 6, Candy tries to persuade her adult-film director she can do more than act, and there's end-of-the-year crackdown by police.

Abby Is Disappointed - The Deuce
"What Kind of Bad?"

On The Deuce Season 1 Episode 5, Candy mulls a career change after she's roughed up by a john, while Chris explores the exhilaration of gay life in the city.

Unwanted Attention - The Deuce
"I See Money"

On The Deuce Season 1 Episode 4, Candy attracts unwanted attention and is intrigued by a legitimate suitor, while Rudy dangles an offer in front of Vincent.

Getting Blindsided - The Deuce
"The Principle Is All"

On The Deuce Season 1 Episode 3, Frankie blows a gasket when Vincent is blindsided by an unexpected partner after putting the finishing touches on his new bar.

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Candy Becomes Intrigued - The Deuce
"Show and Prove"

On The Deuce Season 1 Episode 2, Candy is intrigued by the filmmaking process, while Vincent's failing marriage has him moving into a seedy Times Square hotel.

Vincent and Frankie - The Deuce

On The Deuce Season 1 Episode 1 we are introduced to the characters who will take us through our journey of the skin trade in NYC beginning in 1971.

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The Deuce
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The Deuce Season 1 Quotes

Rodney: Oh, I ride that shit out of that mother fucker. Ride that bitch like Man o' War, but I'm talking about those white boys. Bitch got too much ass. Shit.
CC: I didn't even know there was such a thing.

Rodney: Man, every move that man makes, he already got it mapped out. No, he ain't bein' crazy. He ain't being crazy at all. He's actin' like a mother fuckin' fox.
CC: You think?
Rodney: Nixon? I see right where the mother fuckin' man comin' from. Shit makes perfect sense to me.
CC: How do you figure?
Rodney: He president. So we got to front some being the man, right? So on the one hand, he got his people over there in Paris talkin' peace. That's the carrot. Now the stick? He got to make those slopes thinkin' he's crazy to do all kinda shit. Bomb the shit outta Vietnam, take over Cambodia, whatever the fuck.
CC: So you think he fronting?
Rodney: That man wants out of war just like everybody else, but he can't think like that. So he gotta make those mother fuckers think he'll do any goddamned thing they can imagine. Shit. If I was him, I'd be flashing nuclear weapons and shit.
CC: For real?
Rodney: I'm not sayin' I would use that shit, I'm saying I'd be like, do not fuck with President Reggie Love because that nigger's crazy and he will drop that big mother fucker on you.
CC: Right on.
Rodney: I mean it's like this here. I mean, CC, you ever really want to cut a bitch? Sometimes you might want a bitch to think you might, but shit.