Vincent and Frankie - The Deuce
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Vincent is working at the bar, closing for the night. He makes a night drop knowing a group of guys is watching. They pull up, asking for the money.

They make him beg for his life and that of his family, but they beat him just the same.

He wants a break accepting the shipment of booze the next morning, but his boss won't hear of it. Vincent is working two jobs trying to keep the money flowing, but he can't catch a break.

Two pimps are working the bus depo, waiting for the next best thing to walk into their lives. They talk politics and pimping.

CC spots a fresh girl coming down the escalator. Unfortunately for CC, Lori didn't fall off the turnip truck or the bus from Minnesota, and she's been around the block.

Abby is in class titillating her college professor.

Vincent gets harassed by a couple of dudes on the street in the name of his twin brother, Frankie. He makes up a story about Frankie being a future war hero in Vietnam.

Everybody in the 24/7 breakfast joint where CC takes Lori is either a pimp or a ho.

Larry has a group of hos, all who call him daddy. CC has a woman there he seems to have a special relationship with named Ashley. He promises to take her home to fuck like "for reals" that night.

Frankie is stomping around Times Square, saying hey to the hos blowing their johns in the phone booths.

He's placing another bet. Apparently, once upon a time, he was drafted by the Dodgers for AAA ball.

Rodney the pimp doesn't like Candy working the street for her own damn self and tries to disturb her while she's scoring johns.

Pimps and police get their shoes shined together.

Vincent and Kim chat about their lack of customers. Vincent wants him to stay calm. He'll find customers.

Abby is fucking her professor. She laughs at him as he comes, then she messes with him, using the language terms he's been teaching her to do so.

Vincent has a date with his bartender and a visitor asking about Frankie. Frankie has $20k gambling debt they want Vincent to cover. Because working two jobs to feed a family of four spells money.

Candy gets home to her high rise and has messages from men wanting dates as well as from the super. She puts her earnings into envelopes. Her mother called. Her real name is Eileen and she has a son living with her parents.

Darlene is going into an apartment as a man walks behind her but gets the better of her and attacks inside the room.

Vincent tries to leave work early to take Andrea out for dinner (or the bartender...), but his boss tries to stop him.

Darlene was with a regular john who likes to play out rough scenarios. This time, though, he bruised her.

Vincent finds Andrea playing pool with some dudes in her pantyhose. She's taken off her skirt. The guys start mucking with him. He ends up leaving her there.

Larry is unhappy with what happened to Darlene. Nobody should be hurting her like that, but he sends her right out again to make more money.

There's a birthday boy waiting to lose his virginity. He wants Candy, though, so he gets out of the car and they head off to the motel.

When Stuart comes too fast, he feels ripped off. Candy compares her job to his father's. If one of his father's customers at the car dealership takes less time and no test drive to purchase a car, does his father give him a discount? She didn't think so. But then Stuart offers to sign over his birthday check. Deal.

Vincent leaves his wife and checks into the motel where Eileen takes her johns.

Abby's friends are procrastinating in their studies. They decide to get some speed.

Vincent walks by a leotard store and has an idea.

Abby didn't even want speed (or pizza) but is somehow in the street when the cops pull up and arrest her in an apparent sting. They all leave her there.

Vincent's idea was to put all the ladies in leotards and give away free drinks to get men into the bar.

The bar is hoppin' with pimps, genuine customers, and Vin's visitor.

The cop likes Abby, and he takes her to the bar for a drink on his way home rather than take her there.

Darlene overstays at a john's watching a movie, worrying Larry again.

Vin offers Abby speed to help her study. They're hitting it off and he does her the favor of tossing the cop's number.

Abby makes it to class in time for her Econ exam but instead heads back into the hallway with a sly smile on her face. She's no longer interested in econ, and perhaps not school at all.

Eileen visits her mom, handing her an envelope full of cash for the month. She wonders where her son is hiding. He had a little fever, but he's only allergic to school.

Eileen is somewhat scared to see him, but he had popped out of bed the moment he heard the doorbell.

He runs in excitedly to see her.

Andrea and Vincent argue as they chat. She doesn't wan to be home alone all day and all night, but he's working, which he also doesn't want to do. She wishes he had taken the thing with her dad. A mob thing. Her brothers are upstate and goons are always dying, he says.

Andrea knows Vin fucks around on her, but he had a family. He has a color TV in his own living room. She knows they could be good if they tried. He leaves.

Ashley runs into a bar from the pouring rain and tells CC she doesn't want to work. He says they can do something special.

That special thing means cutting her in the stairwell of the hotel. He's cut her in the armpit. She's sobbing and simpering and he's telling her they're just talking.

The next time it will be her face. He doesn't give a good fuck about her only what she can do to get him money.

CC walks past Vincent as Vin is going back into his room, a very sour look on his face. "Vincent," he says.

The Deuce
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The Deuce Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Rodney: Oh, I ride that shit out of that mother fucker. Ride that bitch like Man o' War, but I'm talking about those white boys. Bitch got too much ass. Shit.
CC: I didn't even know there was such a thing.

Rodney: Man, every move that man makes, he already got it mapped out. No, he ain't bein' crazy. He ain't being crazy at all. He's actin' like a mother fuckin' fox.
CC: You think?
Rodney: Nixon? I see right where the mother fuckin' man comin' from. Shit makes perfect sense to me.
CC: How do you figure?
Rodney: He president. So we got to front some being the man, right? So on the one hand, he got his people over there in Paris talkin' peace. That's the carrot. Now the stick? He got to make those slopes thinkin' he's crazy to do all kinda shit. Bomb the shit outta Vietnam, take over Cambodia, whatever the fuck.
CC: So you think he fronting?
Rodney: That man wants out of war just like everybody else, but he can't think like that. So he gotta make those mother fuckers think he'll do any goddamned thing they can imagine. Shit. If I was him, I'd be flashing nuclear weapons and shit.
CC: For real?
Rodney: I'm not sayin' I would use that shit, I'm saying I'd be like, do not fuck with President Reggie Love because that nigger's crazy and he will drop that big mother fucker on you.
CC: Right on.
Rodney: I mean it's like this here. I mean, CC, you ever really want to cut a bitch? Sometimes you might want a bitch to think you might, but shit.