Getting Blindsided - The Deuce
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Eileen and Thunder Thighs are watching a porn being made, this time with lights. To escape the wrath of the police, the director says it's art. Eileen cannot believe it.

Vincent is working hard to gut his new place and recreate it. Paul is helping while his dumbass brother is gambling at a table in the middle of the melee.

When Vincent refuses to give him money, Frankie busts open all of the machines in the place and steals all the money. What a fucking loser.

Abby is hoping to find a job, but the office where she's interviewing is depressing and full of smoke so she says she's asthmatic and leaves.

The anthropologist heads into Leon's. She wonders what it's like out there. She introduces herself as a writer but then pays for a girl's time instead.

Rudy gets an attorney.

Some big galoot stomps into Vin's new place complaining his third was never bought out and his machines are vandalized and he's pissed. Frankie begins smashing them even further.

Bobby gets angry at someone at the building site.

Eileen shares with her mom she might be getting into the movie business. Maybe doing the camera or lighting.

Bobby is angry at a kid who attends Cornell. He keeps aggravating the men on site with anti-Vietnam shit. He just wants him to keep his mouth shut. He asks the kid to take a box to the 14th floor, but when the kid bends from his back, Bobby tries to show him what to do. He squats, and appears to have a heart attack.

Rudy gets the word about Healy. They called Mickey Spillane and it was the real deal. So much is happening, I can't really grasp it.

Abby is working in market research.

Vincent finds out about Bobby and he and Frankie head to the hospital.

Darlene is late again, but this time Larry leaves.

A big dude is walking the streets looking like he's very sick or perhaps nuts. Eileen sees him and walks in a different direction.

Darlene wakes up in the morning, and Larry has assumed his position in the street. She finally tells him the truth. He's more surprised than angry and doesn't punish her, but leaves her on the street and drives away.

Eileen meets the movie director for lunch. He ultimately says he has too much overhead, but if he ever starts putting film in the camera again, she can stand in front of the camera. She has to hide tears.

Abby is making calls for Master Blaster magazine and when a woman calls her a bitch, wondering why they keep calling when her husband died last year, she throws her paperwork up in the air and walks.

Lori wonders if she's done something wrong. CC wants her to get regulars. He's sick of her being afraid.

Abby wakes up after fucking the guy she worked with and discovers he robbed her.

Of course, as soon as Abby is robbed, they want her to pitch in for rent.

Eileen gets a call from a john that someone might have gotten the clap.

Abby goes to find Vincent, but learns he's gone. She wants to find him and Kim gives her the address of his new place.

She takes a job waitressing even though she doesn't want it.

Candy, meanwhile, is assuring a regular she doesn't want his dick up her ass while someone behind her gets stabbed in the street.

Vincent's place is hopping.

Rudy watches Vincent work the room, pleased with how he does it. Moments later, the big Irishman pulls a gun and the seemingly crazy guy stops it. Vincent might offer him a job as a bouncer? His name is Mike.

Larry takes Darlene to Vin's place and wonders if she might want to turn in early afterward.

When Abby and Darlene talk about books at the end of the bar, Larry is very concerned.

The Deuce
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The Deuce Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Larry: Why'd he pay you double last time?
Darlene: Because we watched a whole movie last time, too, and I told him I'd probably be in trouble then, too, if I didn't show you more for it.

Frankie, you should have been there! Rudy shoved it so far up their Irish cunts you would have...what? Who died?