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Thomas gives the President an ultimatum to release the prisoners and Sophia otherwise the people in the crash will die.  The President’s cabinet can’t figure out what is wrong with the passengers.

The time flashes back to the crash in 1944, Agent Lee and Thomas are trying to escape getting caught.  They find an abandon warehouse and realize that the people are far behind in technology.

Six months pass and Thomas goes MIA. Apparently he hand a hand in putting together nuclear power.  Thomas tells Lee he did this in order to advance their abilities of getting home.

Vicky flashes back to a time when she had to kill a whole family, but she doesn’t kill the baby and ends up raising him.

Sean calls Leila and tells her that he’s on his way. She realizes after they get off the phone that the police are in on it.  She tries to escape, but they catch her and lock her up.

Michael Buchanan is in rough shape along with all the other passengers on the plane.

The President gives Thomas an ultimatum. Either hand over the antidote or they will kill or the detainees and Sophia.  Lee tries to persuade Thomas, but it seems like he wont budge.  

Sean and Collier get to the station and he realizes that it’s a trap.  He sends a picture of Vicky’s son and gives her the ultimatum to help him save Leila. Vicky agrees and with her help, Sean’s able to rescue Leila.

Thomas calls back just before the President is going to go through with the death sentence. He gives the President one more bargain - the antidote for Sophia.  The President agrees.

Sophia boards a subway and the episode ends.

The Event
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The Event Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

I'm sick of waiting, now we're going to do things my way and by tomorrow, our people will be free.


Mr. President, I don't need to hear your excuses release Sophia and the other detainees otherwise, people will die.