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Thomas breaks into the facility, but Blake doesn’t realize that he is there.  Thomas goes in after Blake to capture and kill him.

Thomas releases all the prisoners and tells them that if they follow him, not Sophia, they will be able to have a free life.

Blake realizes that his only fail-safe is to trap them inside the prison.  Thomas  captures Blake and the other soldier and tortures Blake until the other soldier gives them the code to escape.

While getting away, Maya lets Blake free to escape. Thomas tries to shoot and kill him, but Maya intercepts and takes the bullet.

Catherine goes to see the President about the secret prison and demands to know who the prisoners are and why they are there, but Martinez won’t budge.

Back at Sophia’s hideout, she informs Sean about everything that is going on.  That if Thomas gets what he wants, the human world would be destroyed.

Michael goes into detail about who he really is to Leila. He tells her that she will have to choose between going with him or staying with Sean.

Catherine goes on air to blow the Presidents secret prison, but she gets a call from him that he will tell her the truth with what’s going on.

Leila isn’t sure whether to stay or go, but Sean leave the house to make the decision for her.

Back at Dempsey’s place, he informs the woman that him and Sean’s path will cross again.

The Event
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The Event Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

I want Sterling. Do you know what he's done to our people. The methods he used. He has to pay.


(to Maya) You murdered your boyfriend on Sophia's orders.