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Sophia is on a train heading to Thomas when an unexpected phone rings. It’s Thomas. He left her a change of clothes and instructions on what to do next.

Agent Lee calls Thomas and tells him that they put a tracker in Sophia’s food.  He has a flash back to 1954 when he fell in love with a young woman.

Agent Lee meets up with Sophia at a coffee shop and puts the same radio active stuff in the creamer so there are a bunch of targets to follow.

Sean and Leila are in bed talking to each other about what happened when Agent Collier interrogates the hostage.  Sean tells Leila everything, but she refuses to believe him.

Leila goes to question the spy and he tells her that her father is know angel. Somehow Mitch is connected with this whole thing.

Agent Lee has another flashback to the time when he met up with Thomas. Thomas tells him that it’s time to go.  If he doesn’t leave now, something will happen to the woman he loves.  Fast forward 40 years and he runs into her on the street. He has to pretend he doesn’t know her, but later goes back and tells her that he’s sorry and always loved her.

Back to the present time, Blake has one of his field men go and test Agent Lee’s men to find out who sabotaged the operation.  Lee can’t have it so he whacks the guy and puts him in the trunk.

Leila tells Sean that she’s not just going to hide away while he looks for her family. They take Collier’s car and ride out to her house.  They find a bunch of information on the plane crash. A woman shows up and tells them that they shouldn’t have come back. This woman is Madeline Jackson.  She tells them all about the plane crash in 1944 and the aliens that got off the plane.

Sophia gets to Thomas and Agent Lee tells him that they’re closing in on them.  Agent Lee gets there looking for Sophia and Thomas. Thomas tells them that the time is up. It’s time to leave. The building starts to crash and blowup.

The Event
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The Event Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

She survives this, Blake. Am I clear?


Thomas: Sophia, it's me.
Sophia: What the hell were you thinking.
Thomas: That's really the first thing you want to say to me after sixty-six years?