Getting Aggressive - The Exorcist
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The Salesman or Captain Howdy or whoever is inside Casey taunts Angela, assures us it was in the street when Kat wrecked the car after her lesbian curiosity and it unscrewed the screws that sent the scaffolding down onto Henry's head.

And Casey? She's nailed to the floor in hell, all alone, where she'll be forever, knowing her mother put her there. But don't worry. There is room for Angela, too.

Angela wants the family to be ready to pick up and leave the moment Casey is free.

The police won't clear the sidewalk of the crowds. Mother Bernadette won't talk to them, either.

Soon, Father Tomas and Marcus are scrapping on the floor beside a tickled pink Casey. Marcus realizes what they've given into and stops.

Angela is ready.

Bennett called the police anonymously on the bodies. Then he went to the French Pope rep to tell him about the six people tainted by the Tattersal money.

Casey's demon pulls Angela out of her body to show her when she was young, playing with her Ouija Board.

Angela can't believe it's the photographer from the zoo when she was six. He taunts her. He says he ruined all men for her. When Angela watches herself and her mother, she realizes there was a lot more ruined.

With an act of contrition, they break through to Casey.

The police get to Mother Bernadette.

The policeman who was hanging around thinks Casey killed people.

Tomas and Marcus get a celebratory drink. While the fat lady DID sing, it's still not over.

Marcus saw the news of the plot to assassinate the pope and took off.

It's too late. Frenchy was decided to speak English, which he could have done all along, sparing us all reading TV for the night, asking Bennett for the names of all who would defy the divine will by going against him and not following the rules by killing the Pope.

And for that, Bennett got a bag over the head.

Jessica's husband threatened Tomas. 

Where is Captain Howdy? Back where he thinks he belongs. Inside Angela. Or is she Regan again?

The Exorcist
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The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Marcus: I can't emphasize enough the risk you're taking. Don't think a 40 year absence will protect you.
Angela: I know this thing better than anyone.
Marcus: If you feel it poking around at all, even a twinge, drop everything and run.

Mrs. MacNeil? You got old.