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There's a fairly iconic look to the opening scene, with a darkened walk through cobbled streets. Father Marcus is walking toward a child screaming. He dons his hat and continues his journey. There is a man screaming now. The credits come up.

Father Tomas is giving a sermon. The microphone? It's not working. He gets right down into the church with his people. He knows his parrish and even the kids aren't afraid to work out the sermon. Angela Rance and her husband, Henry are listening intently.

Outside, after mass, Father Tomas sees a man across the street, talking silently. Darkness follows him. When Angela begins speaking with him, he loses track of the man.

At the Rance house, it becomes apparent Henry is not alright. Daughter Kat is not alright, either. When Angela takes her a donut, the door rattles and Kat says she's not hungry.

Tomas' sister comes to his place to get her son. He's writing letters to a woman named Jessica. She wonders if he really wants to be a priest. He loves his job, he's good at his job. There's nothing going on.

In the same location where Father Marcus was, another priest is now visiting. He's from Rome. Father Marcus has been out of contact for 26 days. He has disobeyed a direct order.

Father Bennett goes in to look at the boy. He wonders what Father Marcus has done. His job. Bennett wants to take the boy to a hospital. Marcus pulls a gun. He won't allow it. Bennett says Rome won't forgive this. It's not their forgiveness Marcus seeks.

The boy is Gabriel. Marcus is genuinely doing everything he can to help him. Somehow, Father Tomas is witnessing what is happening. He sees Marcus working over Gabriel as Gabriel's eyes have double pupils, his teeth gnash and are tossed out of his mouth. Please, can you hear me, he screams.

Angela hears something at the house. It sounds like furniture moving. She checks on Henry. He's fine. She puts her head against the wall in the hallway. She's crying. Casey comes in. (Angela calls her Kat. Whether it's a production mistake or was on purpose...). Casey visits her "ill" sister. They laugh together.

The organ at church froze up again. Mrs. Finley has the instruction book, but she can't work it. Tomas is trying to manage the renovation of his church. A parishoner comes in looking for help with her white cat. He absolves her of her sins. He'll see her tomorrow.

Tomas goes into the basement to reset the fuse box. Something is coming down the stairs. The lights go on and he turns around to see Angela. They scare the crap out of each other.

She's there to talk about Kat. Kat's friend died in a car accident. She's different since she got back from the hospital. The way she looks, the way she talks to me. She explains what it feels like and asks that he come to the house. Seconds later a giant bird crashes through the window.

On his way to the Rance house, Tomas cannot keep from thinking about the "dream" he had of Father Marcus.

Father Tomas and Kat talk. He asks her about her dreams. She thinks it's hilarious that her mother thinks she's possessed by a demon. She says it's because she "liked" her friends wiccan store on Facebook. She's kind of a nasty kid.

When Tomas attempts to engage in conversation with Henry and he doesn't do well, Kat treats him like the meatloaf Angela made. Henry leaves the table.

Tomas tells a story about a woman who woke up from a coma who knew about all the conversations people had while she was under. Tomas tells her to keep her hands out of Henry's face.

When Tomas is leaving, Henry tells him Father Marcus is at St. Aquinas, which is just off 41. It's a rare insightful moment that's waaay too in tune with the universe.

Tomas looks into it at home and finds information online, including the real lady from the exorcism. When he goes to sleep, he is back in the room when Marcus exorcised Gabriel.

Marcus is giving it everything, but the child is sick, covered in blisters. A demonic voice says it won't be long now and he breaks free of his restraints and attacks Marcus. Standing up on the bed, the child's neck is broken by the demon and Marcus runs to him, sobbing.

St. Aquinus is a retreat for priests. Tomas arrives and finds Marcus there. Marcus is drawing. He says there are no exorcisms. Tomas tells him what he saw. Marcus says it's real. He says the forces that are manipulating them are going to love Tomas.

Tomas is pissed Marcus was so weak. Tomas is pissed Marcus was the damn "sign" from God after all this time.

Father Tomas visits Angela. He's clearly conflicted. They talk about God and how Tomas never heard God's voice. Until today. Today God told him his purpose is to help this family.

There is a bump. It's in the attic. Tomas investigates. When a mouse runs across the room, it's killed in mid air, then snatched out of the air. Casey is possessed, like really possessed and attacks Tomas. Angela climbs up and Casey is fine. Hey, mom, Father Tomas killed a rat. We should probably get some traps. Don't they say where there is one, there are probably a whole lot more?

When Tomas is leaving, Casey watches him from the window.

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Tomas. Do you know who writes letters? People who don't want to get caught.


Sometimes God gives you a job to do. And when that happens, you have to drop everything and just start walking.

Father Tomas