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Wake up, San Diego!!

That was so awesome. They did such a great job on the '70s TV show. 

It was on that show where she came to the realization she could never have a real life as Regan MacNeil. 

Kat has never met her grandmother. Chris didn't like the term, but can't help but see herself in Kat.

Henry is just freaking out over everything. He can't believe any of this is happening, but if Chris can use her name, he's going to take advantage of it.

At the church, it's all out search for Casey mode. When Chris walks up behind Angela, Angela hears noise in her head.

Marcus is pissed at Angela for holding back what she knew. He's also pissed at Tomas. Tomas will never be an exorcist. He has too much to lose.

While they're holding a press conference to find Casey, a woman who lost family from the killers wants to know what about them? Why no press on them?

At the same time their names are being read out, their organs are being burned and put into an urn.

The police are there asking about Marcus and whether Angela thinks maybe Casey could have done, alone, what happened in the ambulance.

Chris tells Kat the story about Captain Howdy and the ouija board. Kat sticks up for her mom and Chris agrees.

Mrs. Walters drops by the church. She approves of the use of the $100,000. It's still hard to understand what she's up to.

Bennett goes to see the couple who had all the information. 

Angela gets a call from the demon on the information hotline. He says he'll tell her where Casey is. Right behind her. It was a jump scare, but an effective one.

Jessica shows up at the church and propositions Marcus. He turns her down.

Chris had a reporter over, hoping to keep Casey's name in the news. But he was asking questions about Regan.

Angela goes nuts and tosses him out. She and Chris then have an emotional argument wherein they both realize that while they have been apart, they've never been far from each other's hearts.

A call from the coroner interrupts the moment. 

At the Friars' do, Bennett asks the special speaker if he knows the "angels" he was talking about are actually demons. Dude considers them nature spirits.

All the biggest names in the city are there, the most influential.

When Angela walks back into the waiting room, she cries into her mother's arms.

Marcus is out following the animals. He lands inside a homeless tunnel calling for Casey. The weirdos attack. Marcus screams in the name of Christ and they part, revealing Casey doing that special back-bend spider walk along the walls. She comes before him and squeals.

The Bishop arrives. Everyone is in on whatever it is. Tomas will be a tough nut to crack and the police superintendents' people have to find Casey before anyone else does.

They begin the summoning. The dude appears to be the "blind" one from the park bench at the asylum. Ohhhh. he blows a bit of the ashes above the table and they all say "pick me, pick me."

They pick the police superintendent. His eyes are a bit fucked up now. As for Mrs. Walters? She cries while everyone else is pleased as punch.

Casey is out in the dark eating the guts out of a goose. It's next to water, which Marcus uses to baptize Casey. She's free for just a moment. "He's coming back. Help me!"

The Exorcist
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The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Kat: The possession, mom's. Was it like Casey's?
Chris: I hope not.

Angela: Are you saying she's gonna die?
Marcus: I'm saying if we don't find her soon, there's not going to be anything left to save.