Father Bennett Visits - The Exorcist
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Kat is going somewhere with her friend. They're talking about a boy named Derek. The girl isn't interested in Derek, he's not her type. Her type? Is Kat. As Kat is explaining why she is in love with Julia, the fire in her eyes, eyes we never see until Julia is dead, Julia asks Kat to look at her. Just as Kat looks over, a man appears in the street and Kat crashes the car. Julia's dead eyes are viewed in the rear view mirror.

Present day

A man is ranting in the street in front of Angela's hotel as she's welcoming Father Bennett.

The police are in the neighborhood cleaning up the dead. Two guys are making fun of who the killer will be. Some three named white guy. Father Marcus is there and overhears them. The police said the victims had their eyes cut out. When Marcus shows his collar, they're more interested in talking.

Henry is asking Father Tomas about demons. Especially in light of Casey.

Henry feels bad about what happened when the scaffolding fell and screwed his head up. He no longer trusts himself and wonders what he should do about Casey. Marcus walks in. Tomas tells Henry he knows someone who knows about these things.

Casey and Kat are planning for Julia's memorial. Casey is seeing the man. He gave her a skimpy dress to steal and take with her. A $3600 dress.

Present day

Marcus visits the Rance house. He looks around Casey's room and wants to speak to her.

The woman from episode two is speaking to the entourage from the Church. Her name is Mrs. Walters. They're talking about collaboration and added value. His Holiness won't be spending much time in the more dilapidated neighborhoods, something Mrs. Walters takes issue with and invites Father Tomas into the conversation.

The Bishop doesn't like Father Tomas' particular take on his Holiness' schedule, but the French dude does. Suddenly a scream. A man outside is on fire, looking into the room. It is reminiscent of the smoke that comes out of the Vatican when a new Pope is being found.

Casey is meeting with Father Tomas and Father Marcus. Father Tomas tries to get Casey to speak other languages, move objects without her hands. Father Marcus steps in.

He's particularly interested in ballet, and gardening. The more beautiful plant, the more difficult it is to stay alive. Then down below, there are the succulents. He trips her up questioning about her sister. Boring, invisible Casey.

He brings out her music box and starts removing the contents. It appears to be full of contents that she has stolen. While he's talking to her, the man comes to her, standing behind her. When the man puts his hands onto her shoulders, she starts looking at him, he tells her to stop.

Father Marcus knows she's possessed and what item in the box was given to her by him. He prods her, making her feel less than her sister, Kat, and it works. She caves to the pressure, giving light to the demon inside. It's Baptist, the same demon Marcus last fought. Father Tomas captures it all on camera despite his earlier thought Marcus was being too rough.

Baptist says when Gabriel's neck snapped, God's eye opened with an utter indifference to Marcus. Marcus is pained and begs Baptist to stop.

The Bishop wants Casey to see a psychiatrist. Father Bennett delivers to Marcus his excommunication papers, effective immediately. Why? You pulled a gun on a priest and performed an exorcism that resulted in the death of a child. The Church will provide three months severance. It's sickening.

The murderers also took the genitals, the skin of the palms and the bottoms of the feet. What are they doing?

Casey is getting dressed and discovers wart like growths on her neck. She looks down at the curling iron with glee, then over to the man. They weren't growths, it was a burn. She burns her stomach and smiles.

Marcus is getting drunk. He's been towing the line for 40 years. Tomas cannot imagine what he must be feeling. Marcus says take away his grace and he's just a man in a room. He can't help the girl anymore. Tomas needs his help. But Marcus won't be responsible for another man's soul.

All the girls are gathering around to talk about Julia. The best at everything, but she hated champagne. She was a whisky girl. They start passing around the bottle. Casey comes in and everyone talks about her as she chugs from the bottle.

Marcus looks over at the face of Jesus in the stained glass and tells him to shut up.

Casey tells everyone Kat lost not only her best friend, but the love of her life.

The dance troupe dedicates the recital to Julia and Kat. Casey pouts in the audience and then the man gropes her to make her feel better.

Father Tomas goes to visit Mrs. Walters. He tells her about the first time he visited the sky deck. She says it's her family's glass on which he was standing. She gives him $100k. He doesn't know what she wants. I don't know what she wants. I'm very confused. She says he just caught them at a very sentimental moment. Do something to make her want to write another.

Casey starts to leave the recital. Henry stops her.

Marcus goes to the Rance house. Father Bennett pulls up in a limo. Get into the car. Marcus says the killers are getting the body parts together to summon a demon. Many of them.

His Holiness shouldn't be coming here. The Church may be compromised. It's a shame he got kicked out of Chicago. He has a lot of friends in this town. Bennett hands him bus tickets. On the back are a lot of names. Marcus is on the bus and on his way.

Henry and Casey are on the El. Henry passes out. Casey has those wart like things on her arm. A gaggle of guys gets onto the El and says her bus would be better on the floor.

She smiles, stands straight and sees the man walking toward her. He kisses her passionately. He's so dirty. His hands are black with grime. She begins killing those on the train and taking out their phones.

Henry wakes up as she's tearing into the young fellow on the floor. There is a "he is coming" banner on the El. The kid with the broken jaw crawls away and Casey pisses herself.

The Exorcist
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The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I think that if you believe in God, maybe we have to accept that he has an adversary.

Father Tomas

Father Marcus: Who gave this to you, Casey?
Casey: A salesman.
Father Marcus: See, that doesn't make a lot of sense to me. A compact, for a tomboy.
Man: You are a beautiful girl.
Casey: I was beautiful.
Father Marcus: Not beautiful like your sister, so he must have lied to you to make you feel special. Did it work? Did it it make you feel special, this compact?
Casey: He doesn't lie!
Father Marcus: The man who gave you this, is he in this room with us right now?