Father Marcus Is In the House - The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 2
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An Irish priest is talking to a bunch of kids in a dark dank basement. One runs in and pukes into an already full bucket. He takes another to visit what sounds like a growiing lion in the darkness.

It's a balding man chained up with bile spilling out of his mouth and all over his chin. The child is tasked with speaking to the fellow out of the bible. The child may have been Father Marcus as a young boy. That's screwed up.

In the kitchen, Angela runs into Casey, who is feeling herself up and speaking in a demon's voice. So fresh, so wonderful. So supple. Angela films her with her ipad. The demon says, "She's watching you, your lying, sneaking mother. So it's time that you wake up." And she does, now Casey the daughter.

Father Tomas is speaking to another priest. He's asking for approval for an exorcism. The guy isn't taking him seriously. He talks about other initiatives he's done and that he's on the welcoming committee for His Holiness. He's been noticed. And oh by the way, Father Marcus has gone missing from St. Aquinas.

Angela is meeting with a woman about the coming of His Holiness Pope Sebastian. Angela runs a hotel. She gets a text from Casey. When she calls back, Casey is breathing heavily.

At home, Angela finds Casey's phone on her pillow. Casey, Kat and Henry all come home. When Angela picks up her phone, there is a wiggly bug inder it. Kat says it's just a little bug and lifts the pillow where there is a giant mound of them.

Tomas gets home to find he has a house guest. Marcus. Marcus laughs at Tomas for telling the Bishop about the demon. Then he goads Tomas a bit about being chicken and how Marcus will kill the demon. Tomas jabs back, wondering why he was at St. Aquinas.

Casey is playing La Crosse. There is a dude in the audience next to Kat. When he walks away, Casey puts her mind to work and snaps a girl's leg in half with her mind.

Marcus teases Tomas about Jessica. He read the letters. Marcus eventually tells Tomas that he needs to know these things because the demon will know. He'll know and exploit everything.

Time for Jenga. The girls tell Angela about the snapping leg. When Angela tells Henry Casey isn't herself, Casey taunts her by pulling out a Jenga peg at the very bottom and forcing it to stay upright while she eyes her through the structure before it tumbles.

Angela goes to see Father Tomas. Casey is worse, she can move things, she can hurt other people. He follows the rules from the bishop. She isn't pleased about that. She takes a small water bottle and begins fill it up with holy water when Father Marcus walks up.

He helps her to fill it up. He said it's just hard on the demon and those who have to watch.

Father Marcus gets in line for the food line so he can meet Casey.

The guy from across the street in the premiere when it got dark around him walks up to Casey. He says he knows her. She's so special. He chose her. Has he touched her? Marcus intercedes and when he touches him, he sees the man in the basement from his childhood. The man speaks in tongues when touched.

Father Tomas goes to see Jessica. She can't believe he wants to meet with her just to talk about work. He called and she came. He always wants to see her. They are very obviously in love. She leaves angrily.

Marcus is following the man from the church. He's homeless. When he's picked up, Marcus goes over to his camp. A woman in his tent says everyone knows Mather Marcus and have been expecting him. He was everything until what happened with the kid. He has lost his mojo and the demon woman just saunters away after she's not compelled.

It's dinner time at the Rance house. Prayers are said and Angela apologizes for everything, including her behavior, that she doesn't know how to tel Kat and all the rest. Then she does a toast and watches Casey drinking the holy water. By the end of dinner, she's really comfortable because there was no reaction.

Casey runs upstairs when the family is doing the dishes and vomits profusely. With the green bile comes the centipede things that were on her bed.

Casey is sitting outside reading that man comes back. She thinks there is something really wrong with her. He says no. She starts telling him about her day. She leans her head on his shoulder, a shoulder that isn't there. Henry looks out the window and sees his daughter with her imaginary friend.

Marcus knows it's not just Casey's demon, but that there are many of them here. Tomas wants him to go. Marcus tells Tomas that when he was seven, his dad killed his mum in front of him. He was then sold to the church for 5 quid. When he was 12, he was locked in a room with a demon. When he first saw a demon, he was relieved. He had a purpose. He was a gun, the church was the words.

Marcus saw God's face once, at the moment of exorcism. There was such a noise in his head. He's not fit. He hasn't had that vision since, and most of the words in the book are man's and not God's, but Marcus will try if that's what he wants. He swears he will try.

Tomas reveals he saw Jessica today. Should they try this together, Marcus wonders?

The guy I was ignoring the entire time with the headphones on he bike arrives home just as his mother is being murdered. He's killed. His en tire family is killed and two dudes and the darkness guy meet a fourth guy outside. They all have coolers full of organs. More guys join them on the street. It was a neighborhood massacre.

It says only nine people were killed, but there were so many in that one house alone. Marcus sees it on the news where they are calling it gang related. He looks out the window and sees a billboard of the back of the pope, above which are the words...He Is Coming.

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The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

A Nicolas Cage fan? Aren't we all.

Marcus [looking at a DVD]

Marcus: We're out of eggs.
Tomas: How'd you get in here?
Marcus: Picked the lock.