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At the Vatican, Bennett is looking over evidence of the Chicago events. Another priest comes in and tell him he needs to give his evidence immediately. He talks about the conspiracy and integration. He believes that integration has infiltrated every aspect of the church. Cardinal Dio comes in and is asked if he is possessed. the Cardinal proves he's not possessed making Fr. Bennett look bad. The other priests are looking for Marcus who they believe is the perpetrator of the conspiracy against the church.

Keane and Tomas are still in Montana. They are tied up and in the barn with the Montana men. they don't believe them. Marcus is not happy with Tomas. The sheriff comes in.

In Seattle, Andy is closing up the well. Back at home, Caleb is locked up in his room. Truck is nervous. 

The Sheriff wants to know what Marcus and Tomas gave to his wife. Keane tries to convince him that she's possessed by a demon. He still doesn't believe them.

Andy and Rose want to talk to Caleb about leaving the house to go to the well the night before. Caleb has no interest in talking. Rose thinks he's suicidal.

The Sheriff is at the hospital visiting Cindy when she goes into a demon fit. Back in the barn Marcus confronts Marcus about trying to battle the demon from the inside. 

Rose tells Andy she has to file a report about possible suicidal tendencies regarding Caleb. Rose thinks the environment at the house is unhealthy because of the death of Nicole.Grace heard everything runs to her room.

Marcus and Tomas are taken to the hospital where Cindy has killed almost everyone in the hospital. 

Back at the Vatican, a Cardinal is talking to Bennett about Dio's performance. He tells him there is a campaign to disassemble the office of exorcisms. He knows that Bennett has been sliipping cases to Keane and Tomas. He gives Bennett to find a woman who will help with the cause to fight back against the people who want to bring down the office.

Tomas tries to talk to Cindy, but she kills a guy anyway. Then scrambles away.

In Seattle, Caleb is eating an apple when he spits it out because it's full of maggots and worms. Verity finds him and starts harassing him, but Caleb leaves.

Shelby is with the neighbors watching the birth of a lamb, but it isn't a lamb. It's a monster so the man kills it with a pitchfork while Shelby watches.

Caleb wants to talk with Andy about the night before.  He tells him about Verity bringing him to the well earlier. 

Marcus and Tomas find Cindy in the nursery holding a newborn. She's going to slip the baby's throat unless Marcus stops with the exorcism. She's causing the other babies to die. Tomas starts singing the song and Marcus gets distracted and she grabs him and starts choking. The singing soothes Cindy.  Tomas is able to take the baby to safety. marcus grabs her and starts performing the exorcism.

Shelby is on his way home reading the bible as he goes. It's nighttime and he hears a sheep's mewl. He keeps hearing sounds. They surround him. He runs.

Andy talks to Verity about what Caleb said. Verity denies taking Caleb out at night as he claims. Grace is outside the door again listening. 

The demon wants Tomas to let it in. Tomas agrees because she has a secret. Tomas goes to the confessional that Cindy tells him to go to. Tomas tries to fight it from the inside while Marcus works on the outside. The secret is that Marcus is afraid of Tomas. The exorcism works, but where did the demon go?

The sheriff gives their car keys back so they can go.

Bennett watches as Cardinal Carroll is taken by the tribunal. He calls Marcus to leave and go away as far as possible. He says he'll find them and they both destroy their phones.

Andy talks to Rose about what he learned from Caleb. 

Marcus and Tomas are headed towards Seattle.

Just as Andy is about to knock on Verity's door he hears something outside and goes to investigate. He finds Shelby with the dead lamb monster and tells him there's something in the woods.


The Exorcist
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The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

You hate it. You hate the fact that he chose me.

Father Tomas [to Marcus]

Let me in, and I'll let her go.

Demon Cindy