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In France, Father Dio is performing a ritual with the ashes. The spirit takes over a Chinese guy. In the back tarts are presented with communion on them. The demons all vomit and die from the tainted tarts. The woman sets the table on fire and saves the cat. She must be the one Fr. Bennett will be looking for.

Andy is burying the lamb. Afterward, he talks to Caleb about Verity taking him to the well. Andy apologizes to Verity for accusing her of taking Caleb to the well. Shelby warns Andy not to let anyone go to the woods because there is something out there.

Rose tells Andy she's not going to file a report on Caleb. 

Tomas has a nightmare as they arrive at a house to meet the mom of Harper who is having issues. They visit Harper in her room and find she is starting the signs of possession.

The kids are on their way to the school. Shelby backtracks. Marcus and Tomas talk with Harper. 

In Belgium, the woman meets with Bennett in a church.  Bennett and Mouse talk about the conspiracy.

Andy talks with the farmer. Shelby is at the lake praying. 

Rose shows up at Diana's house to find out about Harper. She closes the door on Rose.

Tomas starts preparing for the exorcism. He tells Marcus he had a vision inside the truck. Marcus talks to Rose who tells him Harper's been in and out of hospitals all her life. 

Andy gets Grace to come outside. He takes her to the sunflower fields.  A flock of birds or bats throw themselves at Andy's house. Nicole killed herself who was Andy's wife. He finds Shelby at the lake and yells at him.

Marcus finds out the truth about Harper. it was all a ruse. She did it to her daughter herself with hallucinogenics and stories. She hits Tomas with a hammer when he looks at her box of pills. She heads upstairs. There's a fight with Marcus. Police arrive at the house with Rose. 

They're at the hospital. Marcus was right. Tomas was wrong. Rose talks about taking Harper to Andy's place.

Mouse takes Bennett to a dungeon like place to meet her source. It's an exorcist he thought was dead. It's sister Delores everyone thought was dead.




The Exorcist
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The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

That thing inside my daughter? It knew you were coming.


Every now and again you think about that Italian sports car on the road not taken.