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Father Bennett has a vision of his sister while he is still in the hospital. A couple of other priests are in there. They are trying t bring Bennett to the dark side.

Marcus is dragging Andy through the woods. Tomas arrives with Mouse. Mouse tells them about the church being compromised. Marcus says he didn't want this life for her.

Rose and the kids are on a ferry to the mainland. 

Marcus, Mouse and Tomas work on exorcising Andy. Mouse wants to kill Andy but Marcus convinces her that is the wrong choice. Tomas wants to sacrifice himself to save Andy.

Tomas lets the demon in to try to save Andy. He doesn't want to come out.He wants to help Tomas kill it. The demon takes hold of Tomas and enters him as Tomas said.

They shoot Andy before the demon can take control of Tomas. The demon is gone. Andy is dead.

The cops show up at the witch's house. Rose is telling a detective the story about what happened.

Father Tomas tells the kids the message from Andy. Marcus tells Tomas he won't be returning anymore. He leaves. Tomas and Mouse leave.

Father Bennett is possessed.

Rose visits Truck. She becomes his foster parent and fosters all the other kids, too.

Marcus is at the dock when he hears God.



The Exorcist
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The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

What a lovely day for an exorcism.


Tomas: What are you doing?
Mouse: Kill the host, kill the demon.