Planning a Raid - The Expanse
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A Martian ship destroys Eros Research Station before the U.N. ship, the Nathan Hale, can reach it. The U.N. Fleet Commander resigns in protest of a Security Council decision to destroy a Martian moon.

The Rocinante arrives at Tycho Station and convinces OPA leader Fred Johnson to recruit soldiers for a joint raid on an abandoned communications relay station beaming video and audio data of a Protogen scientist documenting the virus’s effects on people on Eros.

The Rocinante crew wants to apprehend and interrogate scientists they believe purposely used the virus as a genocide weapon on unwitting Belters and with Johnson, they devise a plan to commandeer the station.

Miller leads the assault team, which captures a Protogen scientist who tells them the virus, which he labels “Protomolecule,” is likely an extra solar being sent by an unknown entity to attack Earth and wipe out humanity.

The scientist adds that harnessing Protomolecule’s ability to “repurpose other life forms and use them to evolve” could lead humanity to “become our own gods,” leave the solar system and travel the stars.

That doesn’t sit well with Miller, who promptly executes him, leaving the strike team shocked.

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The Expanse Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

You’re doing surprisingly well. Who knows? Maybe you’ll develop superpowers you can use. That’d be perfect for you.

Naomi Nagata

Who's gonna feast on Earth sky and drink their rivers dry?

Martian Marine Sgt. Bobbie Draper