The Fight Against the Flag Smashers - The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Season 1 Episode 2
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Jason Walker looks around his old locker room. His girlfriend visits him, and they talk.

Jason's partner, Lemar Hoskins, checks on him. They talk about the country's expectations for Captain America.

Suited up as Captain America, Jason greets fans in the stands; then, he runs out onto the football field. ABC's Good Morning America hosts him for an interview.

Bucky is watching the interview from home.

Sam looks at a poster of the new Captain America. Torres meets up with him before Sam flies to Munich.

Bucky intercepts Sam on the way to his airplane. They talk about Steve and the new Captain America. Sam tells Bucky about the Flag-Smashers. Bucky joins Sam on his mission.

In Munich, Bucky asks Sam about his plan. Sam does not tell him, and he flies out of the plane. Bucky jumps out of the plane and follows Redwing to meet up with Sam in an abandoned warehouse.

Bucky goes ahead to find the Flag-Smashers without Sam. Sam catches up, and they spy on the group smuggling weapons. Redwing identifies a hostage in the truck, so Bucky and Sam go after them.

Bucky makes it inside the truck and finds the hostage. However, it turns out the person is not a hostage but part of the Flag-Smashers. They capture Bucky, but Sam arrives, and they all start fighting. John as Captain America and Lemar arrive to help. Sam and Bucky escape, and they realize the Flag-Smashers are Super Soldiers.

John helps Lemar escape, and he tries to fight the fake hostage again. However, she throws him off the truck, and the Flag-Smashers drive away.

While walking, Sam and Bucky talk about the Flag-Smashing Super Soldiers. A car drives by with military personnel, including John and Lemar. Sam and Bucky reject their invitation to get in.

John suggests they need to work together, but Bucky refuses. Eventually, Bucky and Sam relent and get in the car. The four of them discuss the Flag Smashers on the way to the airport. Bucky eventually gets fed up and gets out of the car. Sam joins him, and the military vehicle drives away.

The Flag Smashing Super Soldiers arrive at a sympathizer's home, who is eager to host them. Karli, the fake hostage, gets a threatening text from an unknown number. Karli confirms her soldiers' allegiances to the cause.

Back in the plane, Bucky suggests they take back Captain America's shield. Bucky and Sam discuss how to approach the situation.

In Maryland, Bucky introduces Sam to Isaiah, someone he knew during the Korean War. Bucky tries to talk to him, but Isaiah is not interested because of how HYDRA treated him.

They leave Isaiah's house. Sam is angry because Bucky never told him that there is a black Super Soldier. Police stop the two of them and target Sam until they realize that he is Falcon. Then, the police arrest Bucky for missing court-mandated therapy.

Sam waits for Bucky to be released from jail. He meets Bucky's therapist and finds out John got Bucky released and is now responsible for him. Dr. Raynor orders a session with Bucky and Sam.

Things get heated during the therapy session until Sam proposes putting aside their issues until they resolve the Flag-Smashers case, and then they will not see each other again. Bucky agrees. Sam leaves the room. Bucky is about to follow until Dr. Raynor asks him what is wrong. Bucky provides a vague answer and leaves.

When Bucky and Sam walk outside the precinct, John captures their attention by turning on a police siren. John briefs them on Flag-Smashers updates, but Sam and Bucky still refuse to work with him. John tells them to stay out of his way.

The Flag-Smashers are loading boxes of medicine in a plane. They find out authorities are coming for them. Matias volunteers to hold them off so the Flag-Smashers can fly away. Nico starts the engine and gets ready for take-off. Karli watches as the authorities shoot Matias down.

Bucky suggests going to see Zemo to learn more about HYDRA's serum supply.

The episode ends with a glimpse of Zemo in his prison cell.

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The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Jason: Don't get me wrong, this has been great, it's been great, but it's been a lot of handshakes, a lot of suits, a lot of speeches, and senator meetings, and I just wanna do the job.
Lemar: This is the job, John. All of it is. Star-spangled man with a plan and all that. It's always been in the job description. Listen, this suit, it comes with expectations, brother. You can't just punch your way out of problems anymore, you know?
Jason: Mhmm.
Lemar: Time to go to work.
Jason: Time to go to work.

I've been a captain before, obviously, but this is different. This is... Everybody in the world expects me to be something. And I don't wanna fail them.