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Steve represented the best in all of us. Courageous, righteous, hopeful. And he mastered posing stoically. The world has been forever changed. A few months ago, billions of people reappeared after five years away, sending the world into turmoil. We need new heroes. Ones suited for the times we're in. Symbols are nothing without the women and men that give them meaning. And this thing... I don't know if there's ever been a greater symbol. But it's more about the man who propped it up, and he's gone. So, today we honor Steve's legacy, but also, we look to the future. So, thank you, Captain America. But this belongs to you.


Torres: You see these guys? These are the guys you gotta worry about. I've been stumbling onto their manifestos on message boards. They call themselves the Flag Smashers.
Sam: Is that a new thing? Bad guys give themselves bad names?
Torres: There's a lot worse names than that one. But basically, they think that the world was better during The Blip. Trust me, it wasn't.
Sam: Trust me. Every time something gets better for one group, it gets worse for another.
Torres: Yeah. Essentially, these people, they want a world that's unified without borders. So, you could see why a lot of people are into that.