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Walter and Leo search for a man who left his family a partial voicemail message.  FBI Agent Gail McHottie, played by Kelly Carlson is also on the case.


When a former gang member goes missing, leaving nothing but a message for his wife and daughter to leave the house, Walter is enlisted to find him. It becomes clear that the man was a whistleblower, and had information about Glades Petro Oil and their unsafe waste management practices.


Leo struggles with the loss of his wife and daughter, as Ellie’s birthday is approaching. The case has really increased his emotions, and the entire team attempts to try and help him get through it.


The Finder
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The Finder Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

The reason I don't smack you is because I know you really want the answer.


Leo: You look like a vampire
Willa: Vampire's are hot
Walter: The world has turned. Vampires sparkle now.