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On the second part of this week's The Firm...

Six weeks ago:
Richard Williams hired a hitman to kill his son's murderer, Darnell.

Mitch decides to send Ray to meet with Richard and pretend to be a hitman looking to take the job.

Mitch and Abby visit the firm that Andrew Palmer invited him to join. He meets Alex Clark

Joey Jr Morolto is going to school in Chicago and is given notice that Mitch has resurfaced in Washington DC.

DC Tech is willing to take Mitch to court rather than settle the Sanderson case where a woman, Althea Sanderson, was almost killed by a defective cardiac stint designed by DC Tech. Instead they attempt to offer Mitch money in the form of a bribe, but he refuses.

Mitch knows that he needs money and resources to succeed in winning the Sanderson case, so he decides to join the firm: Kinross & Clark. His terms allow him to keep his cases and his team, but he reports to Alex Clark.

Mitch confronts Richard Williams about his attempted hit using his recorded conversation against him.

Darnell is found guilty and sentenced as a juvenile offender.

The police arrest Richard Williams for his conspiracy to commit murder. Mitch convinces Williams to sign a document declaring that he is guilty, but that the papers won't be used unless Williams doesn't behave.

Mitch, Tammy, Ray, and Abby are all on board for working with the new firm.

Mitch and Abby attend Richard Williams' son's funeral. A mysterious man takes photos of them.

The firm wanted Mitch, not for his Sanderson case, but for Sarah Holt, a girl charged with murder who was assigned to Mitch before they could snatch her up. They want to put full surveillance on Mitch.

Their client, Martin, arrives who was the man seen at the start of the "Pilot."

Present Time:
Jump back forward to six weeks later, Martin is dead and Mitch is running from two men.

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