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Actor Sevvy Johnson is accused of murdering his wife, Cassandra Johnson, and her friend, Nancy Weeks. ADA Maya Travis feels she has plenty of evidence to convict, but Sevvy’s high-end attorney, Ezra Wolf, uses his client’s movie star fame and the possibility of racial injustice and police misconduct to sway the jury to a not guilty verdict.

Eight years later, Maya has left LA and her career as an attorney and is living on a horse farm with her boyfriend, Riv, when Sevvy’s newest girlfriend, 26-year-old Jessica Meyer, is killed.

Maya’s old colleague (and possible ex-boyfriend) Matthew Collier convinces her to come back to LA to help look through old evidence to see if they can use any of it to link the new murder to Sevvy. In LA, Maya is plagued by memories of losing the original case. The press hounds her and Jessica’s father accosts her saying if she had done her job the first time, Sevvy couldn’t have killed his daughter.

Sevvy goes against legal advice and sits down with detectives to help find the real killer but it doesn’t go well. He rehires Ezra Wolf who quickly tries to point the finger at Ben Mitchell, a physical therapy client of Jessica’s.

Loni Kampoor is the lead prosecutor on the case, but she and Maya see different things when they watch an old interview with Sevvy and Jessica. Loni thinks the two look happy but Maya spots the subtle ways Sevvy controls Jessica, how she giggles nervously, and how she looks to Sevvy for permission to speak.

Maya’s boyfriend, Riv shows up hoping to coax her back home to the farm, but she’s decided to stay to see this case through and try to find justice.

Maya and her old friend, CJ, who also works in the DA’s office, track down Sevvy’ adult daughter, Star. Jessica had been her roommate before she started dating Sevvy. Jessica had a storage unit in Star’s name. Star gives them access to it and they find recordings Jessica made after Sevvy had beaten her. In the last one, she says she’s going to the police but she was apparently killed before she can get there.

As the DA’s office gets a search warrant for Sevvy’s home, Loni is told that Maya will now be taking over as lead prosecutor in the case. She pretends to be okay with doing what’s best for the case, but then she turns around and tells Ezra Wolf about the warrant that will be served at any moment.

Finding out about the warrant, Sevvy gives something to his adult step-son, Gabe, and has him sneak out the back gate with it just before the police arrive.

Ben Mitchell throws Jessica cross necklace in a dumpster.

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