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Maya and the team execute the search warrant of Sevvy’s home. They find possible blood in the pool house and a go-bag with cash, a car key, and a burner phone hidden in a child’s dollhouse. 

Gabe buries the bag that Sevvy gave him. He tells Sevvy he never looked inside.

Wolf’s team orchestrates a brunch for Sevvy and his kids at a restaurant. A stylist dresses them and they are seated where the most people can see them, take photos, and stream video to the internet in the hopes of showing a happy family, Unfortunately, Star gets upset and leaves in the middle of brunch. 

Later, Star tells Sevvy he remembers how he hit her mother. He says he had anger issues when he was younger but he never hit Jessica.

Loni tries to back out of her deal with Wolf but he threatens to ruin her career unless she continues to help him. 

In the press, Wolf continues to say that Ben Mitchell is the real killer. He’s had a private investigator tailing him and has a video of Ben putting Jessica’s necklace in the dumpster. 

Turns out the key in the go-bag was a 2013 Lexus registered to Ben Mitchell and the $50K in cash came from his savings account. The go-bag was Jessica’s. Ben was going to help her leave. The DA’s office finds texts between Ben and Jessica. Ben’s texts get increasingly angry when Jessica won’t run off with him. He eventually calls her a bitch and says she’ll get what she deserves. 

Max Shen was a beach party the night Jessica was killed. He passed out on the beach and woke up at sunrise. He found Jessica dead and then Ben so he ran but he tells Maya that Ben arrived after Jessica was already dead.  

Ben live streams his own suicide. He says he didn’t kill Jessica but says he’s so tired and “you win” before jumping out a window to his death. Everyone is horrified. Even Ezra Wolf seems to privately feel some guilt over Ben’s death. 

Maya calls out Wolf in a press conference. She says he killed Ben Mitchell. Then she shows the video of Jessica showing her bruises she got from Sevvy and offers to answer questions from the press. 


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The Fix Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I try my case in court, not the press. Our job is to follow the evidence.


Evidence doesn’t lie, people do.