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Sevvy accuses Dia, his other girlfriend, of killing Jessica. He was having an affair with Dia who was jealous of his relationship with Jessica. When Wolf learns about Sevvy’s visit to Dia, he takes Sevvy’s phone and gives him a burner phone with only Wolf’s number in it. 

Late at night, Maya gets a box with earrings in it left on her doorstep with a note that says “Welcome Home” She has several of the same boxes and has been getting them since 2011. Someone has been sending them to her for years. When CJ wants to have someone protecting Maya because of this stalker, Maya turns it down saying the person has never taken it farther than these gifts and has never broken the law. 

Mathew’s wife, Effie, pushes him to run for District Attorney as that’s the reason she gave up her career as a journalist. Later, Maya asks Mathew is sitting behind a desk is really what he wants. 

Gabe is devastated when he sees Jessica’s video and lashes out at Sevvy before taking off. Sevvy asks his ex-wife to make sure Gabe is okay. She pays off someone at a bar to pick a fight with Gabe and then she swoops in to rescue him and takes him back to her place. 

Sevvy’s agency drops him because of the domestic violence claims and he’s furious. 

When Wolf finds out that Sevvy has a secret entrance to his home without cameras, he’s frantic. Sevvy’s alibi relies on his front cameras proving he never left his property. Wolf tries to persuade his ex-wife, Sevvy’s doctor, to say that she was with him that morning and he couldn’t have killed Jessica. When his ex refuses to lie, Wolf blackmails her, reminding her of a former patient who died of an overdose while under her care. She relents. 

Loni convinces Dia to wear a wire with Sevvy. She almost changes her mind until Sevvy doesn’t show up for their date, Buck Neal, Wolf’s fixer, does. Buck gives Dia $50,000 in cash and tells her to stay away from Sevvy. 

Furious, Dia steals a car and heads to Sevvy’s house where she pounds on his gate in front of the press. Sevvy swears it was all Wolf’s idea but that he might have a point. With the wire still working and Maya, CJ, and Loni in a surveillance van outside. Dia gets Sevvy to admit that Wolf has paid off his doctor to give him an alibi for the morning of the murder.  

Maya confronts Wolf with the recording, telling him she’s going to have him disbarred. When Sevvy threatens to fire Wolf, Wolf decides it’s time to take Maya down. 


Back at the farm, a man Michael Chapman approaches Maya’s boyfriend, Riv, about buying a horse, but Chapman is really Buck Neal, Wolf’s henchman. 


The Fix
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The Fix Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

You think you pay me a lot. You don’t pay me enough.


You know what the scariest thing about you is? You’re a brilliant liar. You make everybody want to believe you.

Gabe [to Sevvy]