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Barry Allen discovers he has some pretty cool powers as a result of the S.T.A.R. Labs explosion and decides he wants to use them for good.

We meet Barry Allen, the fastest man alive who lost his mother years earlier.

He's incredibly awkward. He grew up being picked on and the day he won his first fight was also the day he lost his mom.

Barry and Iris have a date to see the particle accelerator start up. Iris seems stupid.

Barry talks to Iris about relationships. Iris lets Barry know talking to her about girls shouldn't be an issue. She's not only a bit dimwitted, but has no ability to read her "best friend."

Harrison Wells starts his STAR Labs speech and someone steals Iris' laptop. Apparently she didn't even back up her dissertation.

Eddie Thawne captures the mugger and Iris thinks he fits what her dad calls him, "pretty boy."

Barry has a crime board where he tracks things related to his mom, Nora, and his dad, Henry, who was accused of murdering her.

The particle accelerator explodes and so does Barry.

Barry likes "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga and that's when he wakes up. Harrison was injured and is wheelchair bound.

Barry is disappointed to see Iris noshing on Eddie Thwane.

Barry sees the black Mustang flying by, police in pursuit and goes after the weather guy. He rustles up a storm and causes an accident and disappears.

Joe knows who did this. Everyone thought Clyde Mardon died during the explosion. West thinks Barry is crazy. It's hard for Barry to live with someone who didn't believe When Barry shares the news he's awake with Iris, he realizes something is a little different about him.

Barry breaks into a run, screaming the whole time. Yep. Things are different!

STAR Labs decides to test his speed. He looks so goofy in his test outfit.

Cisco explains that Barry's world isn't slowing down, but he's moving so fast it just seems that way.

Barry puts it to the test, past 200 miles per hour.

While running, he recalls the thing that killed his mom and realizes he doesn't necessarily know how to stop.

Barry can also heal incredibly fast. A fracture was healed in 3 hours.

Barry tells Harrison about his mother. The ball of lightning with a man inside of it.

Barry sees Iris noshing on Eddie Thwane.

Barry sees the black Mustang with a guy getting away. He runs to stop him and it's the weather guy. A fog appears, causing an accident.

Barry grew up with a man who thought he was telling tales. Joe West screams at Barry and believes his father was the murderer of his mother.

Harrison wants to believe Barry's cellular makeup holds the key to the future of mankind. He's a metahuman and he's not a hero.

Barry runs to Starling City to meet with Oliver Queen.

Cisco created a really cool suit for Barry. He's asked for help so they can track the other metahumans.

Joe West is about to experience his first metahuman. Will that change the way he deals with Barry?

Wells encourages Barry, who runs circles around Mardon. The two don't mix well. Mardon is happy to know someone else is like him. Barry says he's not like him. I kinda felt bad for Mardon.

West was there and shot Mardon. Wet gets down on his knees, tears in his eyes, in front of Barry.

West asks that Barry keep his "skills" secret from Iris so she can be safe.

Barry goes to see his dad in prison. Henry wants Barry to stop worrying about him. He can't.

Barry says someone told him about a new name that he thinks will catch on.

Harrison goes to a secret room. He can stand. He has a machine that shows the future. It's April 25, 2024. Flash Missing -- vanishes in crisis. Other headlines include Wayne Tech/Queen Inc merger complete and "Red Skies Vanish." He seems pleased with the article.

The Flash
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The Flash Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Cisco: How's it fit?
Barry: It's a little snug.
Cisco: Well, at least you'll be moving so fast no one will see you.

Can I keep the sweatshirt?