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Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak and John Diggle visit Central City on the hunt for a villain. When Oliver tells Barry he doesn't know much as a "hero" yet, Barry tries to prove him wrong with disastrous results.

Barry 's voiceover mentions the "feels" and talks about being in love with Iris.

A villain heads into the bank, affecting everyone he sees with his eyes. What a strange power! He robs the bank and The Flash starts on his way. A gal in the bank has a gun and attempts to stop the robbery. Thankfully The Flash whooshes by and stops her bullet from hitting another patron.

Iris and Eddie are carousing in bed. Hmmm. A photo of The Flash come in and Eddie thinks it's photoshopped.

Joe and Barry are at the bank. A half a million was taken.

Captain Singh is gay. Not sure why that matters. Eddie is trying to talk Singh into looking into The Flash as the bank robber. Iris is not pleased to hear that once he finally believes her he tries to get him considered a menace.

Barry heads to STAR Labs. Caitlin analyzed a sample and discovers it controls emotions.

Iris calls out to The Flash and he goes to her. Caitlin counsels Barry that it's a mistake. Once there, Iris wants his real name. She then explains what Eddie is up to. The Flash wonders if they broke up. Into his ear bob comes "Barry, you there?" and it seems someone should hear him.

Joe is trying to take down the metahuman when his fellow officer is inflicted with the emotional issues and tries to take out Joe. As The Flash needs an assist, The Arrow steps in and shoots.

Felicity and Diggle are eating Big Belly Burger when The Flash shows up. He says he gave Oliver a head start. Diggle just says, "You're fast."

Felicity shows Barry the boomerang. Oliver and Felicity argue over his going to STAR Labs. He says (for once) enough people know about his secret identity. Barry flies off to STAR Labs Felicity in his arms. Her shirt catches on fire and Caitlin and Cisco walk in on them when she's in her bra.

Joe and Harrison counsel Barry on The Arrow. He's a bad, dark man and his idea of justice isn't want they want for Barry. Joe wants him out of the city tonight.

Diggle is in awe over what Barry can do. Oliver insists he's the same kid they met last year.

At the coffee shop, Felicity and Oliver share a cup and give Barry the name of the bank robber. Iris thinks Oliver is hot. She can't believe Barry didn't tell her she's friends with Oliver Queen, who is on her three list. Felicity wants to help Barry. Oliver doesn't.

Oliver refuses to call the bad guy a metahuman. He and Barry shake as partners.

Oliver intends to train Barry. He's kind of angry Barry doesn't case the joint before an attack, even though he has the time. Oliver plans on shooting Barry with an arrow. Barry doesn't think so. Since he didn't case the joint, Oliver shoots him in the back with automatic bows. He heard he heals fast.

Eddie is still trying to get Singh to agree to a task force. Joe is upset Barry found information on Bivolo by using The Arrow. While he gets results, Joe is not happy with the way he gets them.

Back at STAR Labs, Harrison wants to speak with Felicity. He wants to trust The Arrow and hopes Felicity will give him his name. That is not her secret to tell. He plans to figure it out on his own.

Felicity knew Oliver was going to shoot him. Cisco discovers where Bivolo is and decides to go off on his own. Of course, Barry is infected. Bad boy, Barry.

Back at the Lab, Barry isn't in the best of moods.

Barry is summoned by Oliver and wants to know if he's ready to embarrass him again. He's been doing this for years, not because super speed kept him on the ground, but because he kept learning and striving to get better. As long as Barry skips that step, despite his best intentions, he will do more harm than good.

Barry goes off on Oliver and then does the same to Singh at the precinct. Joe wonders if Barry has lost his mind. Barry goes crazy and his eyes flash at Joe.

Joe heads to STAR Labs. Barry's been whammied. The longer you express your emotions, the bigger the explosion. Harrison wants Felicity to call back Oliver because they're gonna need The Arrow's help.

Eddie is angry in the car. Iris tells him they're more alike than he knows. Eddie can't believe she's seen him a couple of times. As he expresses his anger to her, The Flash rips him out of the car. Well, if Eddie needed more fuel for his fire, he gets it.

Cisco had The Arrow's identity narrowed to down about 150 people, but he was definitely on that list. Diggle just glares at him while Felicity finds The Flash downtown beating up Eddie. Iris wonders what happened. The Flash assures her she doesn't know him and never did. She insists he doesn't want to hurt people. Only The Arrow stops The Flash. You need to calm down, Oliver says. Then you need to hold on, Barry says, beginning to drag Oliver down the street.

Back at STAR Labs, Diggle and Cisco defend their guys with their own tale of the tape. Oliver uses horse tranquilizer and even that doesn't stop Barry. He runs in circles around Oliver and Oliver attempts to escape. Putting up a continued fight only ups Oliver's game. He is a match for The Flash, speed and all. Barry beats the crap out of Oliver in super speed. Felicity screams for him to get up. I still believe in you Barry, Oliver says, as Joe and Barry come at them with a van and strobe lights to counter the effects of the metahuman.

Cisco declares the showdown a tie. Oliver and Barry decide to work together to get Bivolo.

Cisco calls Bivolo Prisim. Caitlin wanted rainbow something and Cisco reminds her he gets to pick the names. Oliver mentions he has a prison similar to theirs.

Oliver chats to The Flash Team about his identity. Felicity steps in for Oliver; he was happy to meet them and help and will do it again. Joe thanks Oliver, even though he doesn't agree with his methods. Felicity asks Caitlin to break down the genetic markers of Canary's murderer.

Harrison mentions he met Oliver's dad at a charity event. He thinks he'd be proud of Oliver. Oliver tells Felicity something seems to be off with Harrison.

Eddie's task force was approved. Iris doesn't care. She feels great about him.

Oliver's last conversation with Barry is stabbing him through the heart. He needs to let Iris go.

As they get ready to leave, Oliver runs into the woman who had his child. She heard about his mother and loved him very much. Oliver says it's someone he used to know. The girl, meanwhile, calls his son. Mommy will be home soon.

The Flash appears to Iris. He tries to make excuses about being infected by one of the metahumans. She says she never listened to him and now she needs to. She doesn't want him to ever contact her again. He apologizes and they part. Barry runs off the pain.

Caitlin is at the Lab looking at photos of Ronnie. Some kids, meanwhile, look at what they think is a tweaker under a bridge. It's Ronnie, fully fired up.


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The Flash Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Barry: I think maybe they got... whammied.
Joe: Did you just say whammy?

I believe in what I can see, what I can touch, what I can feel; which means I believe in you.