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Harrison Wells is very angry to learn Cisco created a cold gun without telling anyone. It's gone missing and seems to be in the hands of Leonard Snart, who it seems Cisco will call Captain Cold.

Barry is playing with his new friends at STAR Labs, including ping pong, chess and Operation -- all at the same time!

A truck is pulled over by motorcycle dudes. I hear Wentworth Miller! Barry takes off and Snart is shocked to see him. WTH he seems to be thinking.

The Condac diamond was what they were after. Eddie takes it as an open to discuss his relationship with Iris with Joe. Not so much.

Barry tells Joe that he thinks he's going to come up with a better name than The Streak when they are interrupted by Iris. She informs Barry that she started a blog about The Streak. She wants to look at his file. They walk into his office and find Felicity.

Snart is totes cool and speaks with the best, groovy terms available because you know, cool.

Felicity and Barry are chatting. He wonders why she is there and she wonders why he didn't call or write.

As Barry tries to show Felicity his powers, he runs to a skyscraper and snaps her photo, returning with his shoes on fire.

Team Flash talks about The Arrow and who knows his identity. Harrison Wells rolls in. He is well aware of Felcitiy Smoak -- he keeps his eye on talent. Barry shows off his skills and Felicity asks the team whether they know how much the lightning changed him. Will he age faster? Turn to dust? Then Barry screams "wanna see how fast I can run backwards?" and flies off the treadmill.

Joe tells Eddie they "ain't" friends and he doesn't need to talk about Eddie's dating life. Eddie decides they should just listen to the radio, "When a Man Loves a Woman," and "Let's Get It On," are playing. Silence is good.

Barry and Felicity head to see Iris at Jitters. It's trivia night and Iris invites them. She tells Barry a girl doesn't travel hundreds of miles to see someone they don't like. That's why she needs him.

Snart is getting the latest tech stolen from STAR Labs. He's so hot he's cool.

Barry names their group E=MC Hammer. OMG -- Felicity show sup in a dress that could kill and laughs at their team name.

Snart is at the museum. Bob Bovine McFeely saved 12 cows in a famous flood. Ooh. Look! A diamond.

Iris grills Barry over Felicity. 

Harrison smokes Cisco over the weapon. Why he created it and how long it's been missing. Caitlin wonders what this thing Cisco built can do. "Bad stuff," Cisco replies.

The museum calls Joe. Snart is there and all hands are needed on deck!

Snart aims the gun on Barry. Snart wants to test his weapon and aims at people who Barry then tries to save. There is one he doesn't get, and he kneels down in front of him, giving Snart full power to take him out, but he doesn't.

Cisco tells Barry he built the gun. He did it to stop Barry in case he turned out to be some psycho. Barry cannot stand what happened..

Iris puts her foot down about dating Eddie and Joe has to spell it out to her why it's an issue.

Barry can't sleep because he watched a man die. He has to go faster. Felicity tries to talk to him about the lonely life he could have if he shuts everyone out.

There is a microcomputer in the cold gun that has been accepting pings, if they accept a false update then they can track him. Felicity does in one second what would have taken Cisco 30 minutes. Barry suits up and runs off after turning off his ear piece. Felicity tells Caitlin and Cisco to go after him. She tells them if she had a dollar for every time The Arrow told her to back off, she'd be as rich as Oliver Queen. They're partners and should have each others backs.

The Flash finds Snart on a train and calculates that Barry would prefer to save everyone than get Snart. He's right. After everyone is saved, Snart has him down. Cisco shows up with his new gun, four times as powerful. Snart almost calls his bluff. Good thing, because Cisco was using the STAR Labs vacuum cleaner with a lot of LEDs.

Felicity leaves and when the room is cleared, Harrison handles Cisco -- he better not do anything like that ever again.

Iris tells Joe from now on, no more secrets. Except Joe still has one.

Barry hits the train Felicity is on and they talk about pining for those they can't have while realizing they're perfect for each other. They kiss and Barry flashes off the train.


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The Flash Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

The driver's at St. Andrews Hospital in stable condition. No one is exactly sure how he got there.


The lightning didn't just give me speed, it also gave me friends.