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A nice scene with the Mardon brothers from the past. They were committing a crime together and flying out of town when the particle accelerator exploded.

Mark Mardon is looking for clues, and in the process kills the coroner with weather.

Eddie and Barry skedaddle from their date to get to the morgue because, emergency, and leave Iris and Linda alone. Barry sees a blur on his way to the scene, confusing him.

Joe recognizes the voice on the morgue recording as Mark Mardon.

Barry tells Harrison what he saw when he was running to the morgue. Harrison brushes him off.

Eddie tells Iris in no uncertain terms he doesn't like the way he feels when he sees her and Barry together.

Joe and Barry head out and Barry confides in Joe about how things are going with Iris. Joe's advice is to get over it until she decides to tell him how she feels.

While they're in the call, Mardon weathers them and Barry saves them both. It looked awesome.

When Mason puts the bug into Iris' ear that perhaps there is more than meets the eye with Harrison Wells, she goes directly to Barry. He's a bit freaked and goes to Cisco. Cisco goes to Joe who can't talk, leaving Cisco on his own. Mardon has time for Joe, however.

When Mardon fraks up the police station, the captain is almost killed.

Cisco asks for Caitlin's opinion about Wells, and they try to figure out if he could have mucked with the containment system for the reverse flash.

The captain is suffering from paralysis. Joe is angry and wants to protect Iris from Mardon's revenge. He stalks off.

Barry visits Mason Bridge. Mason is surprised Barry doesn't see Harrison is a sociopath who killed Simon Stagg. It's a hilarious scene.

Iris tells Barry Linda isn't the right girl for him. "Then who is?" he asks.

Cisco is messing with the containment system and it looks like the Reverse Flash appears.

While looking for Mardon, Joe gets sucked out the window in front of Eddie.

The next morning, Joe's on the dock, all broken up with Mardon. Caitlin is having breakfast with Harrison trying to stall him for Cisco. Eddie holds a press conference about Joe and Barry comforts Iris. She gets a call from Mardon and they rush off together.

Meanwhile, Harrison is onto Caitlin and when she gets their coffee to go, he flashes over to STAR Labs. Cisco wonders how there were two of them. An after image. A speed mirage. He goes on to talk about how he is here, stuck and will do anything to get back to his time and nobody will stop him. Then he kills Cisco.

Iris tells Barry she never stopped thinking about him and he says the same. Weather Wizard brings in a tsunami and the only way to stop it is to run super fast in circles or something. He apologizes to Iris, turns into The Flash and takes off. He discovers himself in the crossroads where he earlier saw the blur running beside him. Whoops.


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